Thursday, October 29, 2009


RVers are constantly saying their plans are formed in butter. Why? Because it is sooo easy to change what you planned to do. On Monday, October 26, we were on our way to Summerdale, AL to stay at the Escapee Park and see the USS Alabama. We realized we were going to end up stopping before noon, so decided to keep on moving toward Texas instead. We were kind of anxious to get to Texas and RELAX. We'll be back this way some day in the future. We'll see the Alabama then.

Below is the picture of traffic going into Atlanta on Sunday morning. How great was that!!! Next is the Might Mississippi River bridge….a bit scary!



It was time to do nothing! So on we went....all the way to the Isle of Capri Casino in Lake Charles, TX. Casino parking is free.....that is if you win in the casino. And win we did! I finished up $4 and Marsha was up $8. We had a lot of fun playing the nickel slots! A bit tough sleeping that night…we were parked below a bridge and next to a railroad track…but it was free.



After hitting the road the next morning, Tuesday, October 27, 2009, we arrived in Livingston, TX, the head quarters for the Escapees Club. This is where are mail forwarding service is located and were we will begin the ordeal of establishing Texas residency. WE'RE “OFFICIALLY” HOME! They make you jump through numerous hoops to establish residency. We let you know more about that wonderful experience later.



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We got all set up.....including the Direct TV satellite, and toured the campground.


Escapees Campground has beautiful facilities. They have a Clubhouse (picture 1& 2), an Activity Center (pictures 3 &4) with a hall that can seat up to 250 people, outdoor pool, two pool tables, large stage. They have a great library where you can either borrow hardback or paperback books OR exchange a book for a book. They have tons of activities each day. Some examples are line dancing…everyday, poker…almost everyday, Mexican Train….some sort of domino game, sewing/quitting groups, acoustic jam sessions, computer group, and social hours everyday at 4. It is there version of…It’s 5 o’clock somewhere. We are going to a Dine-In…Ledgions Review (Dinner and show) on Friday night. This is a country music group. They tell us there will be lots of two-stepping going on. We better get out the dance shoes and do some practicing before then. We met a super nice couple, Jennifer and Jason. We became quick friends. They are left this the downpour...driving back towards their home in New York. They will pack their belongings, move them to Jason's brother's house in North Carolina and then begin their full-time travels. They plan to begin workkamping in March. We wish you the best, Jen and Jason. We hope to me up with you in the future.





Then began our job of RELAXING. Great place to ride our bike and take walks. Paul needed to add some air before we could get on with it. Wednesday, we intended to begin the residency requirements, but seeing the weather report for a beautiful day (check out the temperature.....the thermometer was in the sun), we decided to chill out around the motor home. Marsha sun bathed all day. She was in heaven. She wants everyone back home to know that they are still selling FLOWERS down here!! And not just Mums. She is so excited to see Pansies blooming. Mowers are still on sale at Lowe’s. When we asked when do the snow blowers come out…they looked at us like we had two head. It's suppose to rain on Thursday, so we'll do some running around.



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Thanks for “checking in.”

Saturday, October 24, 2009


What a beautiful drive to Augusta. We drove through the Cherokee National Forest.

We stayed at Flynn’s Inn Campground and had the best BBQ at Smokin Joe’s. A small eatery right next door.

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We spent a wonderful three days in Augusta visiting with family and friends. We got together Friday at my brother John and Delores' house to visit with them and their families. Adam, Amy, Ann, Ross and Ryan, Holly, and Noah were there along with John Arthur. We enjoyed updating our lives and sharing a dinner of country fried steak, potatoes, beans, and salad. And of course sweet tea. Here is a picture of Adam, John and Ryan.

On Saturday we met along the Savanna River in downtown Augusta for the ALS walk-a-thon. The “DeLores and Dream Weaver Team” of about 40 walkers were all ready to go even though it was drizzling rain. The Dream Weavers were walking in support of Delores, who is battling this terrible illness. They were led by Holly Weaver who did an outstanding job of organizing the team and raising over $16,000 for the cause. The Dream Weavers raised the most money in the event!

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After the walk, we moved to John and Delores' house for a cookout. The skies cleared, and we enjoyed a beautiful sunny day visiting with old friends and making many new friends. Delores was able to visit most of the day with friends outside on their beautiful patio. Yes, flowers are still blooming here in GA. DeLores collects frogs. These are around the beautiful fountain.

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Here is a picture of Paul and John at the beginning of the cookout and then one about two hours in.

Brother John then came over to see our new home (the motor home), and we began preparations for leaving in the morning. Our goal is to get past Atlanta early in the day and avoid the famous traffic jams. The locals assured us that leaving on Sunday was a great idea and should provide us with a smooth trip through Atlanta.
Our next stop is the Escapees park in Summerdale, Alabama. It is located on the gulf coast, and we hope to spend two or three days there relaxing before heading toward Texas.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Saturday, October 17 – We hit the road about 8:00 a.m. Heading through Columbus, Cincinnati, and stopping for the night at Crittenden, KY. Now looky there. Bella has found herself a front row seat.

We stayed at the Cincinnati South Campground. Had a large pull-through site away from the others. The campground host was great. Really friendly and helpful. It was an uneventful day. Pretty farm scenery. Only disadvantage…the campground was next to a railroad. Yes, trains all night lone. It sure got COLD that night!

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Sunday, October 18 – We were on our way again at 8:00 a.m. We headed to an Escapees Campground (Escapees is a club we belong to representing full-time RVers like ourselves.) located in Heiskell, TN which is just outside Knoxville, TN $15 per night.....not bad! Everyone again was very friendly. Parking was a bit closer here. Hit the Walmart…again…for more odds and ends and finally some groceries. Another very cold night!!! It is almost like being in Ohio…LOL

Monday, October 19 – Sooooo much warmer today. We visited the Great Smokey Mountains today. The scenery was beautiful. This here is God Country! We went hiking on the Appallacian Trail in the SNOW!! Yep, you read that right, there was snow on the ground, although it wasn't really cold.The Clingmans Dome was closed due to toooo much snow.

That's one of those “Bucket List” things I've always wanted to do! We thought kids had school this time of year…you couldn’t prove it by being here. Tons of families with kids of all ages. What’s that all about?!? We thought we would drive by Dollywood on the way home but surprise, couldn't see a thing without paying......good ole' American’s free enterprise.

Once, back to the motor home it was time for Bella (our cat) to go on her hike in the woods. She actually walks and runs down the trail on her leash. It is hallarious. She even stops and drinks cold water from the stream. She's a pretty good hiker......LOL

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Tuesday, October 20 – Relaxation Day! Made a trip to Lowe's. Get this....they are still selling lawn mowers. NO SNOW BLOWERS in site...WOW! They still have pansies and mums for sale. I think we are in heaven...LOL   We're hanging around the Motor Home and taking care of miscellaneous business the blog!  We washed the RV and car. One of the benefits of being an Escapee member and staying at one of their campgrounds is that you can wash your RV and car at your site. This is not permitted at most other campgrounds. All nice and pretty now.

Friday, October 9, 2009


Well, we finally came up with a tentative departure date.....Saturday, October 17,2009. If all goes as planned (I know .... beware of plans!), we will leave Saturday morning for Crittenden, Kentucky and our first night on the road.

We've been BUSY!!! Not only moving into the motor home (Marsha sure had a lot of stuff), but getting equipment installed to convert the motor home for full-time living. Things like air-brakes on the Jeep, an air-card for the internet, internet antenna, and a service appointment to get the motor home looked over. Add to that building shelving, sanitizing the water system, and learning about all the equipment aboard. We've been working like CRAZY the last two weeks.

Now is time to relax. We plan to take 3-4 days to drive to Augusta, GA for a short visit with my brother John and his wife Delores.

Then on toward Texas to visit the girls. Our target is to be in Texas before Thanksgiving. Who's cooking the turkey?????