Saturday, November 27, 2010


Thursday, November 25 – HAPPY THANKSGIVING!! – We have so much to be thankful for this year. We have been so Blessed with a wonderful family, great health and the ability to travel.

We had a wonderful day at Carrie's house. We enjoyed family, friends and delicious Turkey and all the fixin's.

The happy Thanksgiving group.


We had appetizers by Nick and Carrie.


There was 10 lbs. of potatoes to peel. Bo and Kelly had a potato peeling contest. Nick cheers them on.


Kelly and Carrie prepared the potatoes. This was Kelly’s first time making real mashed potatoes. They were excellent.


Tom, Carrie and Kelly. Tom fixed delicious sweet potatoes and artichokes. Good job Tom!


Tom cuts the turkey prepared by Carrie. YUM!!!


Carrie and Kelly got the party started with a little drink. Yes, that is a wine bottle Kelly brought.


We had lots more food. Marsha and Carrie supplied the desserts. Paul made an attempt to keep them all happy by tasting everything....sometimes more than once.

He even volunteered to do clean up.


Bella celebrated with us but had to share the day with three dogs. She did her best to make friends with the littlest of the group.


After dinner it was game time. We had several exciting games of Catch Phrase. What a great group of young people. A real fun time!! Marsha and I couldn't keep up with these twenty-something guys and girls, so we loaded up and headed home. Driving through the city of Houston at night is beautiful with all the lights and NO TRAFFIC.

Friday, November 26 - BLACK FRIDAY! We made an attempt to go out shopping this morning with our daughter, Kelly, but I guess we just didn't have our hearts into it. We started at Best Buy, which was crowded and then headed over to the Katy Mall. We were surprised the mall wasn't too busy. We walked around for a couple hours but left empty handed. We didn't do our part to help the economy. Maybe another day.

We spent the rest of the afternoon watching #11 Alabama almost upset #2 ranked Auburn. In the end, Auburn came back to win. There was also the Oregon victory and don’t forget the Boise upset. We made a quick trip to Walmart for baking supplies. Sunday, Marsha and the girls are baking some Christmas cookies.

Saturday, November 27 – We headed out with the “kids” to the local sports bar to watch college football. Two games in particular.....Ohio State vs Michigan (We're from Ohio.) and Virginia Tech vs Virginia (our daughter, Carrie and most of her engineering friends graduated from VT). Both were exciting games with holiday bowl implications!!! Both OSU and VT won with the exact score 37-7.

Kelly represented OSU and Carrie VT.


Can you guess what this is?


Yes, it is a six shooter. But only in Texas will you find it as the door handle on the women’s restroom door.

We had a good time cheering and spending time with our daughters. After the games, we headed home to watch more football on TV and to relax.

Thanks for stopping by. Hope to see y’all back real soon. Have a great day.