Friday, July 8, 2011


Thursday, July 7 - We are in Red Bay, AL home of Tiffin Motors. We are parked in the Allegro Campground which is on the property of the Tiffin Service Center.


Look how much space we have…NOT! And the lovely surroundings.

Compared to last year, there are really not that many people here. Hopefully this will get us in faster.


We will talk with Norris, the Service Manager, tomorrow morning to see about several repairs we would like to take care of while in Red Bay. Our main driver-side slide-out is making a scary noise and Paul is concerned about some wrinkles that have developed in the fiberglass roof radius. That's the section of roof where it meets the side-walls.

Friday, July 8 – Norris came by this morning to check on what services we needed. The wait won't be as bad as expected. He thinks we should be in the Express Bay by next Wednesday....we'll see! Paul asked about those wrinkles in the roof radius. Norris said wait and see what the technician says but he believes it will be covered by Tiffin's gracious extended warranty on roof issues. We may not get that taken care of in the express bay.....may need to get an appointment for that issue.

We went across the street to McKinney RV and bought a new dining room light. This is something Marsha has wanted for a long time.

Marsha is so happy with her new light.

McKinney RV deals in almost any RV supplies and parts they buy at year-end clearance from RV manufactures, used parts, and a tremendous amount of discontinued parts and supplies from Tiffin Manufacturing. Paul is looking for an awning for the one window that didn't have an awning when we purchased the MH. He didn't find it today, but plans on going back and digging through the pile they have in the back room. He's going to check here at the Tiffin store too.

We did have Trevor, the service technician specializing on upholstering, come out and look at our AC cover. We had to replace the inside cover and would like to add an upholstered collar to cover some indents in the upholstered ceiling that are a bit unsightly. He's going to do that in his free time, off the Tiffin time clock, to save us some bucks!!!

A funny thing happened today. Paul text a friend that was here the last time we were in RB to tell him to come on down for a reunion. The next thing Paul hears is his phone ringing. The friend, Brian and his wife Janet, were already on their way here. They broke their windshield and are coming in tomorrow afternoon to have it replaced. They are on their way home to Missouri from a July 4th vacation in Florida. CRAZY!!!

Well, tonight we are headed to the Rattlesnake Saloon. This is the new “hotspot” for Red Bay visitors. We never knew it existed. We'll report tomorrow on what we find.

Thanks for stopping by. Hope to see ya'll back real soon. Have a great day!