Saturday, June 18, 2011


Saturday, June 18 –  Paul and Kelly arrived safely in Canton, Ohio on Thursday. All is well. They moved all her belongings into a storage area in the Aurora area. She doesn't move into her townhouse until July 8 and will be staying with my dad until then. They took a ride over to see the townhouse. Paul said it is very nice. No more details…he is a man…doesn't look at things the same way a woman does.

Last weekend, we spent a ton of time with the girls, but my camera wasn't working correctly. Every time I slide the lid down to take a picture, it started shaking like crazy. Every picture was blurred and dark. I was so upset. I wanted some picture from the Wild West Dance Hall. Well, yesterday I opened it up and you guessed…it works like new. No shaking, beautiful pictures. I have no idea what the heck is going on. I previewed the pictures I took at Wild West, and they weren't dark but some a bit blurred. This I cannot figure out! I am thrilled that it is working so nicely, but a bit nervous about taking it on one of our sightseeing sprees and it not work again. Paul visited a camera shop in Canton, and the salesman told him it would cost about $200 just to look at it. He said you can buy one cheaper than getting it repaired. He also said, with the number of pictures we are taking versus a "normal" person, (What, I am not normal? The man never met me. Any way I digress…) the camera may wear out quicker. So,  we have a big decision to make when Paul gets back. I LOVE this camera and may just take my chances. Maybe it was just too hot out for it? Is that possible?

Here are a few pictures from that night.

Us at a Pub in Houston.

Kelly and Carrie

Us 2-steppin'


Most places have a crystal ball above the dance floor. This is what he had. Gotta love Texas!

Carrie and Kelly out front on a line-dance number. 

FLASHBACK – We have blogged about the sheep in San Angelo and the rabbits in Odessa…but what about the painted horses in Amarillo?  In an effort to enhance Amarillo, AQHA and Center City, began a project to sell 50 horses to local businesses, which would then be painted by local artists. More than 100 of the statues have been placed in the Amarillo and Canyon area since 2002. The project is called, "Hoof Prints of the American Quarter Horse - America's Horse." To find out more about this project, click HERE.

Here are only a few…Paul wouldn't drive all over Amarillo for me. How inconsiderate is that?

                               Our favorite…Freedom

         Essential Strength
     Horse Feathers
              Old BlueOld-Blue   Diamonds Are Marelyn's Best
  The Great American Quarter
            Patriot Pony
           StagecoachStagecoach          Nay Boring Vistas

             Our vote for UGLIEST…YUCK!

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