Sunday, June 6, 2010


Wednesday, June 2 – It's Marsha's Birthday!!! We planned on having our air conditioner fixed this afternoon, but we ended up having a thundershower. Unfortunately, he has doctor appointments on Thursday, so we'll have to suffer until Friday....and that's in 100 degree temps......YIKES!!!!

Paul washed and waxed half of the MH. That's all he could take in the heat and humidity. After that we hit the pool for a few hours!

Ahhhh....the AC guy did make it back this evening, 6:30-8:30! Unfortunately, we did have to replace the entire AC....shucks! There are some positives though. We replaced it with a Carrier AC which runs significantly quieter. The old one (Dometic) was really loud. You couldn't hear the TV when it was running. This one is very quiet. It's suppose to have a better compressor too....that's what burned out on our old one. Who knows??????? Anyway, we finally have AC running and Bella (our cat) is much happier and so are we!

We are going out for Marsha's birthday. Kind of a late start but we better celebrate. One doesn't turn 39 every year!

Thursday, June 3 – Rainy day. Marsha cleaned the inside of the MH. We went grocery shopping. Watched Girls Softball World Series

Friday, June 4 – We headed up to Livingston, TX this morning for a memorial service for a friend's wife. We met Wayne Bray this spring in Livingston while Paul was recouping from surgery. We played Mexican Train with him. His wife has been battling Alzheimer's for quite a while.

We also stopped at the Escapee's mail service and picked-up our mail. It's been several weeks since we've received our mail. Boy, did we have a ton. The mail service girl wondered what happen to us.

We visited with Wayne and Fran over lunch. Had a great time. Went by and saw their new motor home and then out to the house where they will be parking it when in Livingston, TX. They have a very nice looking MH and a beautiful home in the country to park when in Texas. Hope to bump into them on the road!

Watched more Girls World Series Softball this evening.

Saturday, June 5 – Paul finished washing/waxing the MH this morning before the heat set in for the day. We then headed to the pool for a couple of hours to cool off. We returned to the MH to watch the Girls Softball World Series and chill out in the AC....ha ha! The games today were very good. They have the final four games tomorrow and then the finals Monday and Tuesday. If each team has won one game, the final game will be played on Wednesday.

Thanks for stopping by. Hope to see y’all back soon.