Saturday, July 10, 2010


Canton, Ohio (continued) – Since began our travels, Marsha has had one awful experience after another finding some place to get her roots done and a good cut. She was sooooo excited about seeing Krista again. Krista has been coloring and cutting Marsha’s hair for about 5 years. She loves her. Marsha says, “If you are traveling through Canton and need your hair cut, colored, etc. there is only one place to go and that is to Le Salon Boutique in North Canton. And the only person to have it done by is Krista Damiano. You will LOVE  the way she does your hair.” After reading this, I wonder if Krista will give her a price break…LOL.

Marsha says…Isn’t she a cutie?


We are parked in brother Rick's driveway for about two weeks now – time to pull-out and dump the holding tanks. The city has a free RV dump that I find really surprising!


The place is so easy to get in and out of.




It's been VERY HOT here as in most of the country. Unfortunately, being plugged into Rick's garage receptacle, we are at the extreme end of the line for electricity and have experienced “brown-outs.” Our Electrical Management System senses low voltage and knocks us off-line. We have not been able to run our AC as planned. So it's not very comfortable to do anything in the MH during the hot days. Fortunately, it has cooled-off enough at night to permit semi-comfortable sleeping.

We emptied the basement of the MH and did a thorough cleaning. After sweeping out all the storage bays, we carefully reloaded everything we own hoping we'll be better able to find things when needed. We even have some empty space for the eventual “spreading out” of stuff.....LOL

All for now. Hope to see y’all back real soon.