Thursday, November 19, 2009


Monday, November 16 – We had our first windy night in the MH. I got up about 3:30 to take the satellite dish down. I was worried it would blow over and break......have to watch the Browns on Monday Night Football tonight........LOL. Windy nights don't make for good sleeping in a motor home (MH). There was a front blowing through bringing some rain and cooler temps.

We took the MH to the Freightliner/RV service facility in Dallas today. We had to drive right through the heart of Dallas. The Freightliner facility is brand new. HUGE! They are in the process of preparing 3,200 Freightliner trucks for delivery to Walmart......WOW! When you pull into their gated facility, you show your driver's license, then security escorts you to your service bay. They have a wing on the building for RV's only. If they don't finish repairs by closing, they have full hook-ups (electric, water, and sewer). We may have to use those facilities tomorrow (Tuesday) night. We will be having the tie-rod ends and the drag links replaced on the MH. The grease boots have disintegrated and unfortunately you need to replace the whole part. They won't have parts delivered until late morning, so we may be spending the night in their campground (parking lot) on Tuesday night.

Dallas is sure a beautiful city! Driving is nerve-racking but nothing like Houston or Atlanta. Construction is every where in this city, just like Houston.

downtown-7 downtown-9
downtown-6 downtown1

More pictures of downtown Dallas.

We went to Grapevine, TX this afternoon. It is known for it's vineyards. It is north of Dallas and a beautiful “up-scale” community. Everything is new or newly remodeled. Huge shopping districts, a renovated historical district and home to the Dallas/Fort Worth Airport. Money is definitely being spent in this area! Marsha loved how they were decorating the median for Christmas.


2 bulbs

We received sad news this morning. Delores Weaver, who is my oldest brother John's wife passed away overnight from ALS. Delores was diagnosed with ALS about a year ago. She suffered a lot during the past year and held on to see family and friends at the recent ALS gathering. If you've been reading our blog, Marsha and I, along with about fifty other friends and family walked in her honor in the Augusta ALS Walk-a-thon on October 24. John had a barbecue at their home after the walk and everyone enjoyed sharing the day with Delores. She was a wonderful person who loved to celebrate life with her many friends and family members. There was always a crowd in her home and you were always welcome to stop and stay. She will be sadly missed!

Here is John and DeLores. She was such a beautiful southern belle!

John and DeLores de, paul and me

Marsha and I are so disappointed that today's motor home problems will keep us from attending her funeral. Delores, John, and their family will be in our prayers. We love you all!!!