Monday, February 2, 2015


Monday, February 2 - We headed out early this morning with a couple of hikes in mind. It was a little cool (32 degrees this morning) but by the time we reached the trailhead it had warmed-up nicely (60 degrees). It sure cools off in the desert of Borrego Springs, CA, at night!

Our first stop was the Slot Trail. We had to travel about two miles on a dirt road off the pavement to reach the parking area.

The Slots

The scenery at the top is gorgeous.The Slot

There is no real trail down to the Slot. We started off by getting fooled by a wide path leading into the canyon - dead end. We retraced our route to find several steep paths leading down into the canyon.

We are going down there?
The Slot

The beginning of the descent is very steep.
The Slot

What a neat hike down to the "guts" of the earth.

The Slot

There was never a claustrophobic feeling with the sky nearly always visible. There were some huge boulders hung-up overhead.

The Slot

The neat thing was squeezing between the walls of the canyon.

The Slot 

The Slot

We hiked about 2 miles round trip and really enjoyed ourselves. Our new camera received a good workout since we took a hundred pictures. This is an easy hike that we rank up there in the top ten hikes we've taken. Put this on your list, you'll enjoy this excursion.

The Slot

After returning to the truck and making our way slowly over the washboard surface to the paved road, we headed to Peg Leg dry camp area on the Northeast side of Borrego Springs. We are searching for a serpent! We stopped and talked to several campers in the area, but no one knew what we were talking about. We decided to drive over to Rockhouse Canyon Road to Clark Dry Lake and try to find a trail up the back of the mountain.

After hiking up and down several trails without success, Paul spotted two other hikers, out of the corner of his eye, setting a flag up. Marsha recalled the serpent site was marked by a flag!Ahh...success! We had hiked near this area, but the flag was down. We hiked through a small canyon in front of us to finally reach the site of a serpent made from local stones. Somebody put a good deal of work in constructing this double row of dark rock with quartz on top to set the pattern of the snake. It's wonderful that people enjoy the sculpture without disturbing the construction.

the snake

the snake

We took a different trail back to our truck. It was a steep, rocky descent.

Can you see the trail in there?

At least Marsha had reached her 10,000 step goal on her Fitbit. We have several other hikes on tap for tomorrow, so check back and follow along.

Every night the sky is ablaze in the desert.desert sky

Thanks for stopping by. Hope to see y’all back real soon. Have a great day!