Thursday, August 28, 2014


Thursday, August 28 – If you read the blog regularly, you read that Paul decided to make some homemade wine. With wine making on mind, Paul decided to build a wine storage rack.  Now…where will that fit in the fifth wheel??? :-)

building wine rack

Paul uses his drill with a stirrer attached to add some flavoring to the grape juice.


The propeller end of the wine stirrer being inserted into the carboy


Paul sterilized thirty wine bottles.

sterilizing bottles

The next step is to siphon the wine from the carboy to the bottles without stirring up any sediment that has settled to the bottom of the carboy.

trasfering wine 

Slowly but surely the bottles are filled.

bottling wine

This automatic filler makes filling the bottles a snap!


Once all the wine has been bottled, Paul uses a corker to insert the corks in the bottles. This is a fun and rewarding procedure!

corking wine 

Labels are then attached and shrink tops are installed over the corks.

labels attached 

Then Paul inverted the bottles on his new wine rack he built for storage.

wine rack

This Green Apple Riesling is actually ready for drinking immediately. We gave it a taste.....yummy!


UPDATE ON TRAVEL PLANS: Our intentions were to pull out of our summer home here in Ohio on September 9, but health issues have caused us to delay them slightly. Follow-up doctor appointments for Paul has caused us to push back departure into October.....dang!

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Thursday, August 21, 2014


Thursday, August 21 - Our sister-in-law, Delores Weaver, passed away in 2009 from ALS. We will be attending the ALS Walkathon September 27 in Augusta, Georgia. Many of you may be aware of the “ALS ICE BUCKET CHALLENGE” that is sweeping the country. Last year ALS raised just over 1 million dollars for research. This year, thanks to the challenge, ALS has raised over 30 million dollars. One hundred percent of this money goes towards finding a cure for this horrible disease. As of now, there is no known cure.

We were challenged by our daughter and son-in-law, Kelly and Dave, to participate in the Challenge which involves dumping a bucket of ice cube filled water over our heads. We know....old people shouldn't be dumping ice water over their head!.....but we agreed to take part regardless. So if you want to witness this shocking experience view the video.

Our daughter, Carrie who has a birthday today, challenge our poor little Bella to participate in the Ice Bucket Challenge. She said that if Bella would participate she would double her donation. Now mind you, Bella has NEVER been given a bath, but because she, also, believes this is an excellent chance for her to help find a cure, she participated. Don’t forget to raise your donation dear daughter Carrie.


It would be wonderful if everyone viewing the video would donate a couple dollars to ALS. You can do this at this ALS secured site. All donations go directly to ALS and will be used to beat this dreaded disease.

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Sunday, August 17, 2014


Sunday, August 17 – With all the summer hustle and bustle behind us, it is time to look ahead to our winter travel plans. At best, these are quite sketchy and subject to change but here's what we are considering, so far!

-----Charleston, WV, Wytheville VA, Charlotte, NC and Columbia, SC Visit the capitols and Appalachian Mountain Area for hiking and sightseeing
-----Augusta, GA – visit family; ALS Walkathon
-----Mississippi/Alabama Gulf Region – beach and RR


October – December
Houston, TX – stop and see Carrie
-----Mission, TX – visit friends/Mexico dentist for about three weeks.
-----Houston, TX – Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays


New Mexico – Las Cruces/Deming/Socorro sightseeing
-----Arizona – Benson, Bisbee, Kartchner Caverns, etc...
-----Tuscon, AZ – hiking and sightseeing
-----Quartzsite, AZ – RV Show, Visit with friends
-----Yuma, AZ – Mexico
-----Arizona/California - Anza Borrego Desert SP; Borrego Springs, San Diego, Catalina


California – Palm Springs/Desert Hot Springs
-----Las Vegas (maybe) or Page, Cottonwood, Sedona, AZ
-----Congress, AZ
-----Apache Junction/Mesa, AZ


Phoenix, AZ – CLEVELAND INDIANS SPRING TRAINING; Sightseeing, etc....
-----Scottsdale, Sedona, Jerome, etc...

spring training

-----Head towards Ohio


Of course we may run out of money by the time we get to Houston, so who knows where we will be

If anyone out there in Blogland will be in these areas during our time, please let us know. We would enjoy meeting up with you. Also, if you have visited these areas and really enjoyed a certain sightseeing spot, place to eat, campground (within our frugal budget) or hiking area, we would love to add it to our agenda. Many of our stops will not be new, but we know we have missed something at each stop.

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Sunday, August 10, 2014


Saturday, August 2 – In the previous post, we mentioned Paul had a little project to do on the 5th wheel. That involved the installation of a “wet-bolt kit” on the suspension.

Old shackles are on the bottom; new replacements on top.shackles

This was a pretty “heavy lift” project, and Paul was a little hesitant to take it on by himself. Luckily, he now has a boy in the family, new son-in-law, Dave, and Rick, visiting for a few days from Mission, TX. Together they tackled this project.

The biggest and scariest part of the job involved jacking the 12,000+ fifth wheel off the ground and securing it on jack stands so it would be safe to crawl under. Dave is experienced working on automotive projects, and Paul felt confident that with his help we could “getter done.”

Great to have a young man around – the young have no fear!jacking up 5er

Notice the heavy duty jack (20-ton hydraulic) and the big jack stand.  No fair looking at those boxers.
Paul under 5er.

It took a while but we were successful in jacking up and securing the trailer on several jack stands. Then we dismantled the suspension system that holds the springs and axles onto the trailer. The object was to replace the under-sized shackles and bolts the manufacture installed during construction and that have been reported to break while driving down the road. Any maintenance to prevent roadside breakdowns is a good thing!

Notice Dave has detached the spring from the trailer.  We are holding up the axle with  a floor jack.
removing spring

Paul is working to remove the spring from the front hanger.removing spring

Dave’s electric impact wrench sure came in handy breaking loose those bolts.  A little scary crawling around under the trailer and around all those jacks and stands.breaking loose bolts.

We were amazed to see the difference in construction of the new shackles compared to those installed during construction. What were those builders thinking?

Check-out the new shackles on the left compared to the old on the right.  If you look carefully, you can see the wear on those old bolts.  new shackles

The new bolts even have grease fitting for applying grease to the inside of the spring eyes to prevent the bolts from wearing and eventually breaking.

See the grease zerks.  Look carefully at the bolts on the right and you can see the holes the grease comes out of to keep the bolts well oiled. After installation, we greased them up and they squirted grease nicely.  Again, you can see the wear on those old bolts.zerks

Rick, our guest from Texas, hammers home a new copper bushing inside one of the spring eyes.  The old install had plastic bushings.Rick working on 5er

Check out the new shiny shackles!shiny shackles

It was a dirty, greasy, and sometimes scary job, but with the help of Dave and Rick, it was successfully completed and Paul tucked the 5th wheel back into its parking space until we depart in early September. Thanks Dave and Rick for all the help!

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Thursday, August 7, 2014


Wednesday, August 6 - Saturday, found Marsha and Angie attending the Hall of Fame Parade. This is actually one of the largest parades in the country. They enjoyed the morning. Paul and Rick stayed home to do a little “5th wheel job” which you'll read about in a future blog.

There were bands.





Tons of balloons
football balloon


penguin balloon

 GlenOak Eagele


Past Enshrinees
Mike Ditka

Gale Sayers chose to walk the route and interact with the fans.
Gale Sayers

2014 Enshrinees
Andre Reed
 Andre Reed

Michael Strahan
Michael Strahan

2014 Class
2014 football class

Marsha said it was the best Hall of Fame parade she has seen in awhile.

Saturday night was “off to the races” without leaving home. We had nine family and friends over to gather around the kitchen table and play the horse racing game that the gang made (Actually, we made 49 sets.) several years ago down in the Rio Grande Valley over the winter. That was a fun night enjoyed by all.

After church Sunday, Angie and Rick headed toward Chicago to spend several days with other “Winter Texan” friends. We had a nice visit and will seem them in October when we spend several weeks in Mission, TX.

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Tuesday, August 5, 2014


AUGUST 5, 2014 – Angie and Rick, our best of friends from the great state of Texas, visited us for a couple of days starting on Thursday, July 31. They are on their first “car trip” since selling their motor home.

Of course, this put Marsha in her “Tour Guide” mode and “Memory Creating” attitude. They arrived on Thursday, July 31, and we spent the evening catching up since we last saw them in October, 2013.

Bright and early, Friday morning we were off on Marsha's “Tour of Canton.” With the Football Hall of Fame activities in full swing, things were pretty busy at Marsha's normal tour stops. We did get to drive by the Football Hall of Fame and a few spots downtown but the beautiful Women's Club Gardens were blocked off.

hof sign

enshrinement tent

football players

They did get the treat of climbing the 105 steps up the hill to President McKinley's Monument....a “Rocky” moment indeed.

McKinley monument 

Since Rick is a Vietnam Veteran, Marsha thought it would be a nice idea to show him the Stark County Veterans Memorial.


veteran memorial park


memorial walkway

We then headed to Berlin, OH, and Amish Country were we visited several tourist areas and sampled some wine at three wineries.

amish buggies

Breitenbach Winery
Breitenbach Winery

Swiss Heritage Winery
Swiss Heritage Winery


Perennial Vineyards
Perennial Vineyards

Our favorite signs of the day.

wine sign

wine sign

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