Sunday, September 14, 2014


Sunday, September 13 – Everything is looking good for hitting the road early Tuesday, September 16. That should give us enough time to get to Augusta, GA, for the ALS Walkathon on Saturday, September 27.

If you are one of our regular blog readers, you read that Paul had a little health issue which delayed our departure. We thought we would be here in Ohio until mid-October as a result of this health issue, but we were able to speed things up and ended up leaving only a week later.

Paul wants to thank everyone for the thoughts and prayers. He's fine! Still driving Marsha nuts!!! Here's the story for those asking. He went for his regular colonscopy on August 25, only to find he was in A-fib and the procedure was cancelled. JEESH....after all that prep the day before...YIKES!! Well, he ended up being sent to the ER where tests verified his A-fib situation. He was sent home and instructed to see a cardiologist.

He visited his general practitioner the next day for further tests. After several frustrating delays of doctors not returning calls, he decided to go to the Cleveland Clinic – a leading heart hospital. He spent Friday, September 5, seeing a cardiologist at the Clinic and having additional test completed. These included an echo cardiogram and a 48-hour heart monitoring test.

On September 11, Paul reviewed the results of these tests with the doctor and was told everything appeared normal, and he could continue with his travel plans. The doctor decided to go ahead and do a 30-day heart monitor test (If you see me stay back, he may disrupt cell phone coverage...LOL) to see if any thing shows up. This test can be done while traveling.

So in summary, the cause of the A-fib problem is somewhat a mystery. It may have been a result of some difficulty Paul had with the colonscopy prep or influenced by a congenital bicuspid aorta valve. It sure would have been nice to have a definitive diagnosis. One where the doctor said you strained this so take this and you'll be fine.

Paul now knows what to watch for if the A-fib situation should return. He will see the doctor at the Cleveland Clinic when we return to Ohio in the spring. Yeah and he still needs to get that regular colonscopy, but it will wait until next summer.

So, we're off for our winter travels. Looks like Mother Nature is giving us a warning too. It was only 39 degrees this morning...brrrrrr

For all you asking about photos of Kelly and Dave’s wedding, below are a few of our favorites.







If you have enough of the wedding pictures, here is a link to a few photos of the ceremony. If you want to see more of the reception, click here.

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