Friday, August 10, 2012


Wednesday, August 8 – Many of you may remember that Paul polished the motor home headlights several years ago when they became cloudy.

cloudy headlight

Well, they have clouded up again so Paul used the 3M Headlight Kit he purchase at Harbor Freight, two year ago, to re-polish the headlights.

A little masking tape to prevent an accidental scratching on the nearby paint.DSC09636

The Kit consists of a sanding disc with interchangeable Velcro-backed sandpaper. You begin by using a 500 grit disc to sand away most of the clouding.



It's a little scary when you sand the entire headlight to an opaque finish.


Next you use progressively finer discs (800 grit and 1200 grit) to smooth away the plastic headlight covering. Once that is complete, you finish up by using a foam pad with rubbing compound to re-establish a shine.

A little water helps with the final buffing.DSC09638

When the lens cover is shining “like new” it's a good idea to give it a coat of wax to protect it as long as possible from future clouding. It seems like a process that needs repeating every couple of years.



It's a pretty simple process and the kit is relatively inexpensive. So if your headlights are showing their age, give the 3M Kit a try. Paul thinks you'll be happy with the results.


Besides taking care of the motorhome, we have been visiting with family and friends. We visited with a former teacher and good friend, Red, at his home. Red has a huge garden that he give tender-loving care to daily.

There will be NO weeds in my garden…Red's motto.Red and garden.

He shared a few zucchini with us and in return Marsha gave him a loaf of her delicious Zucchini Bread.

Red standing by his tower of pole beans.Red and pole beans.

We spent a couple of hours talking and laughing about old and new times.

One evening we met with our good friends, Stephanie and John. We have been friends with them since our daughter, Kelly, and their daughter, Julie, were in middle school together. The two girls played softball and soccer together in high school and on traveling teams during middle school and high school. We met for dinner and again talked the night away.

John, Stephanie, Paul, Marsha

Thanks for stopping by. Hope to see y'all back real soon. Have a great day!