Monday, April 26, 2010


Monday, April 26 – Well, today was the big day. Notice anything different about Paul?


Yes, today was the first day that he was allowed to take the brace off for ONE BIG HOUR.

Sure had an unusual Motor Home pull into the campground across from us. It was 78 FEET LONG......holy cow!



They had 2 cars in the trailer. It looks like a NASCAR set-up but it wasn't. The gal that helped him park said he was helping her move to Texas, and her car and all her stuff was aboard. I didn't get an opportunity to talk with the driver. They were only here a couple of days and moved on.

The neighbor and friend – Duane – came down and helped me make a template of my windshield. We are considering getting a sunshade for the huge front windshield and the manufacture needed a pattern of our window. We taped a huge piece of paper on the windshield and traced the glass surface.





We also made patterns of the two side windows in the driving compartment. I then mailed it back to the manufacture, and he'll call with an estimate. The company is Magne Shade. We saw them in Quartszite this winter. It goes on with magnets. It supposedly cuts out over 90% of the heat and ultraviolet rays that normally enters via the huge windshield. You wouldn't probably install it if you were only stopping for one night but definitely if you were staying for several nights. Most owners of motor homes seem to use them.

Boy has the Texas weather been amazingly beautiful. Clear blue skies and temperatures in the 80's.


Today was the warmest the 90's. We've been sitting outside all day. Luckily the temperatures drop into the 50-60's at night so sleeping hasn't been a problem. Haven't ran the A/C yet! The Fantastic Vent fans have pulled enough cool air into the MH to keep it comfortable. Bella even had to search out a cool place…to sleep, of course.



Marsha just loves the flowers here in Texas. Last night that was a very sweet smell. She went all over looking for the source. She found them in another vine behind our motor home. It is called Japanese Honeysuckle. The whole back area is full of this vine. It is really beautiful…according to Marsha.




TRAVEL PLANS – Well, we are finally planning to hit the road this Friday, May 1. We are traveling to Red Bay, Alabama to have five of our windows replaced at the Tiffin Manufacturer. Even though our 2005 MH is out of warranty, they are covering the replacement. We have some other small items to have them serviced while we are there. We weren't able to get an appointment – all 40 service bays are booked for the entire YEAR! They do have quite a few bays they hold on a first come, first serve basis. We may have to wait, but we'll get the work done. We are also planning on taking a plant tour while we're waiting. That should be interesting.

We are traveling through northern Louisiana to Vicksburg, Mississippi for some civil war site seeing prior to reaching Red Bay. We plan on being in Red Bay from May 5 until probably near the middle of the month. Then we will return to Houston via the southern route through Biloxi (the beach) for my three month post surgery, June 10, doctors appointment. From there it's off to Ohio to visit family.

Thanks for visiting. Stay tuned for our next adventure.