Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Friday, November 20 – Rainy day here in Lewisville, TX (just north  of Dallas). We enjoyed our leisurely beginning of the day. Will use the rainy day to catch-up with computer stuff, run some errands, and simply relax. We did take a ride around the area. We were amazed at the housing developments. Thousands and thousands of huge houses on tiny lots….allotment after allotment. A very different lifestyle than we were use to in Ohio.
Below are pictures of our campground site and one of the trails. Beautiful place.


More campground pics.


1. DNS Direct TV – We recently subscribed to Distant Network System from Direct TV Satellite. This is an alternative to people who do not have “local” TV stations because they travel. We are unable to receive broadcast by network stations – ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX – because they route through local stations (like Cleveland, Columbus, or Dallas). Therefore, we subscribe to DNS and receive the Network Broadcast from New York City and Los Angeles. As a result be can watch a program on a network at two different times. Example: the Today show out of NYC at 7 a.m. or the same show out of LA at 10 a.m. Pretty neat! Although, we can receive local broadcast over the air using our antenna (the old style of antenna you may have on the roof of your house. Rv's have a similar external antenna called a batwing.) We have to get a converter box since our 2005 TV's do not receive digital broadcasts.

2. Central Time Zone – this really is VERY different than Eastern Time Zone. Even though it is only one hour different, it has a hugh impact on your lifestyle, if you spent most of your life in the Eastern Time Zone like Marsha and I have. Everything you are use to doing occurs one hour earlier. The morning shows are on a 6:00 am, national news at 5:30 pm, Monday Night Football at 8 pm, College Football at noon, and Prime Time broadcast start at 7 pm instead of 8:00. For a morning person like myself, it's great. Although, it's tough to stay awake late at night. It's going to take some getting use to. About the time I adjust, we'll be moving on to Mountain Time Zone.......LOL.

Saturday, November 21 – Took Bella on a hike this morning back in the woods. Saw two deer – one a pretty good size buck. Watched the OSU vs MICH. game. OSU was barely victorious. The campground was packed. Numerous families with tons of young kids. Also, a big group of cub scouts. Everyone was having a blast. Lots of campfires too.

Sunday, November 22 – Burrrr......44* this morning when I got up. What's with this cold stuff???? Travel day today. We are headed back toward Houston for Thanksgiving at Carrie's house. That %&X$! city of Dallas still screwed me up. That town just isn't fit to drive a big MH through. In the future, I'll drive the outer loop!!!

Arrived in Livingston about 1:30. A five hour drive... We're in site 140.

Monday, November 23 – Marsha had a doctor appointment this morning. New doctor in Northern Houston for her Arthritis and Osteoporosis. She really liked the doctor and was happy to be able to see one doctor for both problems.

The highlight of the afternoon was getting our mail. Our new Texan stuff was here....license, bank stuff, and a ton of other mailings. Unfortunately, Marsha's license was screwed up and she had to get her picture retaken. Another bureaucratic delay!

Y’all have a great Thanksgiving, and y’all come back now…..ya hear!