Saturday, October 8, 2016


Friday, October 7 – We finally got the air conditioner installed, and it's working hard to cool the 5th wheel here in Houston (currently 93 degrees). What a two day nightmare.

Paul picked up the AC and accompanying parts at PPL here in Houston on Wednesday. PPL was very busy and couldn't install the unit for approximately two weeks, so they recommended Jeff Allison of Allison RV Repair for the installation. Jeff is a mobile tech and said he would put us at the top of his list due to the extreme hot weather.

Jeff and another worker arrived Thursday morning and quickly removed the old Carrier (They are no longer made and parts are not available.) from the roof of the 5th wheel and replaced it with a new Coleman Mach 8, 15,000 BTU unit. Now for the interior wiring.

Good thing our neighbor stopped over to supervise…lolreplacing AC

replacing AC

replacing AC

The Carrier had a remote control panel, which are no longer available, so Jeff had to install a wall thermostat to control the new unit. This is where the trouble began. He followed the schematic shown in the installation instructions carefully and could not get the thermostat to work. He worked over 6 hours on Thursday and finally had to call it a day. He promised to return Friday after investigating with several other techs what the problem could possibly be. (Yikes, this has Paul nervous). Another night in hot Houston without air conditioning!

replacing AC

Friday arrived and thankfully so did Jeff. After-all, he wasn't paid for his work all day on Thursday. He was alone today, so Paul helped troubleshoot the thermostat installation problem. Well, after another four more hours, getting a replacement thermostat from PPL in case the original was bad, four calls to Coleman Technical Support and many re-wiring tries, they finally got the AC to cool properly.

The problem was in the installation instructions. On our final call to the Coleman Technical Support, the technician was explaining the wiring and mentioned it should look just like the diagram ON THE BACK of the thermostat, which was all ready mounted to the wall, NOT like it is shown in the instructions. What! We removed the thermostat and rewired it according to the diagram and PRESTO it worked. Over 8 hours of frustration solved in about ten minutes. Crazy!

Looks pretty nice.
new AC

Paul and Jeff arrived at what they felt was a fair price for two days of frustration and parted friends. Everyone was happy. Friday evening was spent at home relaxing in the air conditioned 5th wheel watching the Cleveland Indians win game two of the American League Division Series. They've won the first two games over Boston. GO TRIBE!!

The Elks Lodge campground it packed. We were very lucky to grab the last spot available. It is on grass, but we have a spot. The people in Site 1, our normal site, will be leaving in two weeks. We will pull into that spot as soon as they pull out.

Site 9
Elks Lodge #9

Elks Lodge #9

Looking right.
Elks Lodge #9

Looking left.
Elks Lodge #9

Thanks for stopping by. Hope to see y’all back real soon. Have a great day!