Sunday, October 18, 2015


Wednesday, October 14 – We headed two miles down the road from the W.P. Franklin COE campground in Fort Myers, Florida, this morning for a hike in the Caloosahatchee Regional Park.

Caloosahatchee Regional Park

There are 5-loop trails available ranging from 1.2 miles to .7 miles in length. Unfortunately, a couple of the trails were flooded. We combined several trails together to get a hike of 3.3 miles. We sprayed ourselves up. We weren’t sure if we would run into those pesky mosquitoes or not.

Caloosahatchee Regional Park

Lots of variation on these trails.Caloosahatchee Regional Park

Caloosahatchee Regional Park

Whoa…turn around.
Caloosahatchee Regional Park

Caloosahatchee Regional Park

Resting place OR blood donation. No thank you.Caloosahatchee Regional Park

It's been in the 90's here in Florida so we finished the hike soon after 10 a.m. before it got too hot. We returned to the campground to hangout and relax. When we drove into the campground we talked to the game warden working the gate about a possible eagle Marsha thought she saw. Sure enough there is a pair of eagles living in a nearby tree. How neat it that?


Later in the afternoon we were again visited by the manatee Paul saw yesterday. It brought two friends with him for a total of three manatees. It was so wonderful that Marsha was able to see them today. If you'll recall, the first day Paul saw these beauties, Marsha was doing the laundry.


Huge tails.

They can really eat.

So it was another great day here at the COE campground.

Bella on the look out. The End.

Thanks for stopping by. Hope to see y’all back real soon. Have a great day!