Thursday, August 26, 2010


Tuesday, August 24 – We went to the beach for some sun and relaxation. Notice how many people are on the beach. Yep, we had it all to ourselves.


Picture of the group minus Marsha. John, Michael, Pennie, Paul


While at the beach we quite a few dolphins and even saw what we believe were sand sharks feeding on bate size fish. It was really weird. You'd see 100's of fish jump out of the water and then the shark would be jumping and flopping as he fed. Tried to get Marsha to wade out for a good picture, but this is the best she could



Dark skies chased us off the beach.


We found this fellow by the pool. John said there a few of them that sun themselves each day.



After cleaning up and picking up Bella (our cat), we returned to “the beach house” for dinner and drinks. Had a great time sharing stories and of course Michael broke out his cigars. Michael is quite the purveyor of good cigars. They even got Paul to have one....eeek!

The ride on the island is gorgeous.




Cigar smokers…notice no women.


Doesn’t John look important.


Wednesday, August 25 – Got the Jeep AC blower switch replaced. We've been living with just the two highest speeds, which usually means Marsha is freezing. So we decided to get the switch replaced since there is a Jeep dealer just across the street from our campground.

Paul then took care of the monthly MH servicing, and Marsha ran to the grocery store in preparation for treating the gang to supper tomorrow night.

We rode to Fort Clinch State Park on Amelia Island to check it out for a future campground. We had called them but they said 36' was the largest RV they could accommodate. Driving through the park, we discovered they can handle just about any size RV. It appears very nice and HUGE.

We then went to the house for more visiting and of course a few adult beverages. We want to share with you all John’s “beach house”. This house belongs on a golf course. It is so spacious and lovely. While on the beach a neighbor came over to us. The affectionately call him the “Mayor”. We talked to him about the housing market. He has an empty lot next to him that is for sale for a mere 3 million. Marsha just about feel off her chair. She said really loud, “No way!” But he said, “Absolutely.” The house one down from him is for sale for 6M. He said that is a deal because it cost 8 million to build. Guess we won’t be John’s neighbor anytime soon.





That is Cooper, John’s dog.




We had dinner at the Cafe Karibo…excellent food!!! Back to John’s for more bonding time, and home by 10:00. Another super day with Paul’s bro.

Thanks for stopping by. Hope to see y’all soon.