Thursday, March 19, 2015


Thursday, March 19 –  We've arrived at the Houston Elks Lodge. Of course, we are mainly here to visit our daughter, Carrie, but we feel so comfortable here, we call it home.

Welcome to Texas

We continued our journey across Texas on TX-36 and US-290. Again, love the back roads of Texas. Not much traffic, few large trucks, nice wide berm, and enjoyable scenery. For you non-Texans, don't be surprised, if you travel the back roads, to see people pulling over to drive on the berm to let you pass. It's a little scary, but the berms are as wide as a traffic lane and if you're careful, it seems to work well for allowing others to pass. Just BE CAREFUL!


So we are at the Houston Elks Lodge in Stafford, Texas. There are 10 sites here (8 with concrete pads and 2 gravel). We are on our “usual” site #1, a nice concrete pad with no one on our patio side. We have a 50 amp FHU site. The street is gravel and the campground is just behind the lodge. There is a pool, that if it warms up, we will jump in to cool off. Yes, you do have to be an Elk to use the campground, but that makes the lodge available to you also.

Stafford Elks #1

Stafford Elks #1

Stafford Elks #1

We know many of the people here so enjoy staying here. We also have learned our way around Houston and have nearly mastered Houston traffic. “Nearly” because one never “masters” the freeways in and around Houston! Especially, if you are over 50.....ha ha!

Thanks for stopping by. Hope to see y’all back real soon. Have a great day!