Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Saturday, June 11 – We had a very enjoyable day with our daughters. It started with a family photo session in the Park. This is a gift from the girls for our 29th anniversary. We met the photographer in the Houston Memorial Park and spent a little over an hour having numerous pictures taken at different areas. We are anxious to see the final product!

After pictures, we decided on lunch at one of the famous Houston hamburger joints. Houston has numerous restaurants famous for their outstanding food. We stopped at Lankford Grocery and Market. Their Mission Statement says it all…We have nothing small, nothing healthy, and nothing fast.  We never give you a check, but that does not mean its free.  You pay at the register as you leave.  If you do not have 30 minutes to spend, you should try us another day.  We have great food, but its not fast food.  Everything is made to order just like you like it!


Situated in a neighborhood in Mid-Town Houston, the packed house indicated a good place to sample Houston's best hamburgers. They were featured Diners, Drive-ins and Dives : Guy Fieri : Food Network



One would think that after such a delicious and big lunch, a jog in the park would be next on our list. Not so my about a nap at our daughter's apartment. We have a little recovering to do. We actually started our “Last Houston Weekend” with our daughter's last night at the Wild West Dance Hall, and it was kind of a late night! So be each grabbed a comfortable spot in the livingroom, turned on the NCAA Men's Track Championships and enjoyed an hour's reprieve from the busy day.

After our little “snooze”, we headed back downtown to the First Annual Houston Beer Fest. An afternoon of sampling over 150 beers from around the country. This is the first year for this event, and unfortunately, they have a lot to learn. After being confused about which entrance line to stand in, waiting over 30 minutes and barely moving 20 feet, we discussed our alternative plans. We chose “Plan B”. Sold our tickets and our place in line and drove over to a local pub that sells numerous locally brewed beers. Soon, many of the friends Carrie expected to meet at the Beer Fest met up here to enjoy the afternoon playing games, watching NCAA boy's baseball games on the many TV's, and discussing daily events. What a group of really nice young people.

This Pub had tons of FREE games. We tried our hand at the bowling.


We think Paul must have taken this one after a few drinks. OR Carrie was really moving fast.


As the afternoon wound down, it was time to say “so long” and return to our MH for the evening. We had a wonderful day with our family and will miss them as we spread out across the country. Carrie will be here in Houston; Kelly is moving to Ohio, and we'll be......... Guess you'll have to stop back and see where we are headed!

Sunday, June 12 – Well, we didn't get too far. We are back in Livingston, TX. We were able to get our favorite spot. The one we stayed in last year for three months when Paul had his back surgery. It has a huge area for Bella to roam around.



Since we are moving Kelly out of her apartment tomorrow, we decided this would be a great place to park the truck for the night. Also, Paul wouldn't have to drive through Houston during rush hour.

Monday, June 13
– What should have only taken about two to two and a half hours to do, took FOUR hours. Kelly had just about everything packed.


BUT OH MY…such a time the men had getting Kelly's sofa out the door. When the men delivered it, she said they had to try a few ways to get it in but finally had success. Well, Paul and Steve are not professional movers and had their hands full with the sofa. It took them close to two hours just attempting to get it down the stairs and out the door, which was not a straight shot. The sofa had to go around a sharp corner at the bottom of the stair. YES, there was some damage to the sofa not to mention what the wall now looks like. She got a 16' truck and a trailer so she wouldn't have to drive her car back to Ohio.


Tuesday, June 14
  - Paul and Kelly left this morning at about 6:00 a.m. Their goal was Memphis, TN. I am writing this at about 5:00 p.m. I receive a text saying they are going to make Nashville. I hope they aren't driving like wild people!

They sent me a picture of their favorite drink while on the road.


Wednesday, June 15 – They are crazy! They arrived in Canton, OH about 4:00 EST. Received a quick call that all was great. They are at my dad's house. Thanks to all who offered prayers for safe travel. It paid off yet again.

Thanks for stopping by. Hope to y'all back real soon. Have a great day!