Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Tuesday, May 8 – What a wonderful and unbelievable place – Sequoia National Park. How do you describe or explain the beauty? It's one of those places you just have to see to believe!

us sign

We got an early start for the 45 minute drive to Sequoia NP arriving at the gate about 9 a.m. Our first stop was the visitors center where the Ranger gave us a quick route for today's visit. Quick because due to road closures, we had to get to the construction zone by 10 o'clock for the escorted passage. If we're late, we wait till noon! They are re-building most of the high, winding, mountain road leading to the main section of the park.

This is what was in front of us with twice as many behind us waiting to get through construction site.
line to get in

First, a few notes about the Sequoia Trees. The oldest Giant Sequoia Trees are estimated to be about 4000 years old. The belong to the cypress family. You will notice fire damage around their base. This does not do them harm. It is actually necessary.

burned bottom

The seeds in the pine cones will not open until heated. They then must fall onto bare soil (the grasses will have been burned off by the forest fire) to germinate. The fires also burn away competing vegetation so the tree can get a good start. Finally, the bark on the tree is so thick that most fires do not harm the tree.

no vegetation

The park is making an effort to save the Sequoia forest by removing buildings, keeping people on trails and not let them wonder near the trees compressing the soil, reducing parking lots, and other forest saving techniques. It's amazing to see before and after pictures of the forest after these steps have been taken.

This pictures shows where a cabin used to be.cabin used to be

The now new look.
new look

There is a great video presentation in the Visitor's Center showing the park over-crowed with cabins, cars, people, and other tourist supporting businesses and how the beauty has been restored today. Be aware.....that means NO GAS is sold in the Park. Fill-up BEFORE visiting.

The best way to explain the beauty of Sequoia NP is trough our pictures. Marsha took over 150 pictures in the park. I wish you could enjoy them all, but here are many for your enjoyment.

The granddaddy of them all. Some trees grow taller, and some are bigger around, but no tree has greater mass than the General Sherman tree. It is the LARGEST tree on Earth.

Height: 275 ft.; Weight: 1,385 tons; Age: 2,200 years; Circumference 103 ft.; Volume: 52,500 cu. ft..

General Sherman

These trees are so big you just can't wrap your arms around them. This was a little one.
arms around tree

car through tree

Just trying to take it all looking up on bench

looking up

several trees

From this little pine cone comes this magnificent tree.little acron big tree

How did the tree grow round this boulder?tree and rock

Snow still remains on Alta Peak…11,204'Alta Peak

We love this Park. Even though we were there, looking right at these monsters, we couldn't believe our eyes. If you are any where near this area, DO NOT MISS IT!

There is so much more beauty in this park. If you would like to see more photos of our visit, please click here.

Thanks for stopping by. Hope to see y'all back real soon. Have a great day!