Friday, May 16, 2014


Friday, May 16 - We've reached the middle of May and the home remodeling project is right on schedule. Paul has completed the drywall, installed the window casings, finished the “killer” task of screwing down the backer board for the floor tile (over 800 screws), finished electrical installations inside and out and installed our new ceiling. Marsha was a big help with the ceiling. Couldn’t have completed it without her or so she thinks.

Kelly helped stain the 30+ boards for the ceiling.staining ceiling

Marsha got the lovely job of sanding the boards between varnish coats.

Paul starts the ceiling.
Paul and ceiling

The worst job EVER!
tile up

Or maybe this is the worst job.
sweeping floor

The finished product.


Ready for the tile.
ready for tile

With future-son-in-law, Dave’s help, we will install the floor tile this Saturday, May 17. Then it will be ready for grout on Sunday or Monday, and after three-days curing, Paul can begin re-installing the kitchen cabinets. With that job finished, only the counter tops remain and that is a job Paul is NOT going to tackle. We've received price estimates from three contractors and decided on a solid surface counter from a local contractor. That's pictures for the next blog, so check back around the end of May when things should be wrapping up.

Marsha and Kelly are doing well with the wedding planning. The invitations have been mailed, and Marsha is ready to mail the wedding shower announcements soon. Kelly sent out two types of RSVP cards. For those that are tech savvy, she has asked them to RSVP via her wedding website. For those not so into computers, they received the paper RSVP. If you are interested in taking a peek at her website, just click here. Of course, Kelly is getting excited with 64 days to go until the wedding.

Marsha has also been busy with some gardening, one of her favorite past times that she really missed during our full-time years. With Memorial Day next weekend, that's frost-safe time in NE Ohio, she'll be done planting flowers and ready to put in the garden.

We also have plans for a birding area in the back corner of the house. Another reason to check back and see how things are moving along.

This is the area we are going to convert to the birding area….hopefully!
birding area

Shoeless Joe wrote in his blog the other day about how his birds were “flying pigs.” I commented that our finches are eating us out of house and home.


bird feeders

Once we have the birding center set up, these guys will not receive an invitation!

ground hog

Bella just sits and takes it all in.

It won't be that long until we're wrapping things up and getting ready to head South for the winter, and it isn't even summer yet :-). Bella was sitting on the trailer steps the other day dreaming of new adventures! The kitty must have hitch itch.

Thanks for stopping by. Hope to see y’all back real soon. Have a great day!