Saturday, April 23, 2016


Saturday, April 9 – We pulled our of freezin' Springfield, IL, this morning heading east towards Ohio. We are watching the weather very carefully. We don't want to get into any of the white stuff.

Having commented on how nice the roads have been so far on our trip from Texas, I must say that Indiana wins with some of the worst roads in America (goodness….maybe worse than Louisiana!). Man did we hit some bone jarring holes in the road! By the end of the day, Marsha commented this was the worst results of bad roads she's seen in the 5th wheel. Things were thrown all over the place.

Our day's journey was a bit longer than planned. We had a planned to stop at the County Fairgrounds in Van Wert, OH. Upon arriving we found no one at the office, no one to answer the phone numbers, and no electrical power at the pedestal. With COLD weather predicted for the night, we decided to push on towards our final destination of Canton, OH, another 3-hours drive. Paul reported feeling pretty good, and felt he would have no problem extending the drive. Bella, our cat, was not too happy. She is not a fan of LONG drives.

So we continued our drive east on US-30. This road in Ohio was a welcome relief to our day's drive in Indiana. It's not often that Paul makes positive comments about Ohio roads, especially in early Spring. We cruised right along, and before we knew it, we were pulling into our driveway in Canton, OH. We did pass through some snow showers but nothing bad and especially nothing sticking to the roadways.

This is what our house looked like in Ohio on April 9. Maybe we arrived a bit too early.

House in Canton

We decided to wait until morning to move things from the RV to the house. Only a few necessities for the night. Paul did take the time to drain the water lines in the RV to prevent any freezing over night. The predictions were for temperatures to reach the low 20's by day break.

So we have arrived at our summer home in Canton. Bella found her nice warm spot in front of the furnace vent. Marsha has busied herself rearranging her life from RV living to the comforts of home. Paul is planning all types of summer projects.

We'll blog occasionally on summer doings and a couple trips we have planned. If you pass through Northeast Ohio give us a shout out and we'll try to meet up. Be safe with your summer travels.

Thanks for stopping by. Hope to see y’all back real soon. Have a great day!