Monday, October 7, 2013


MONDAY, OCTOBER 7 – We arrived safely in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas on Friday, October 4. We've returned to Leisure Valley Ranch, where we've spent the last three winters. We aren't wintering here this year. We are here to visit our friends and our Mexican dentist for some needed dental work for both of us (crowns). We expect to be here for about three weeks or so.

We are parked on a our friends' lot across the street from where we spent last winter. It's a very nice lot and even has some shade to sit under on a sunny afternoon. Steve and Amy also own the empty lot next to the casita and no one is in the casita next to us. We've got the entire area to ourselves!

Leisure Valley

Leisure Valley

We are definitely an early arrival in the park. There are only about 10% of the normal winter residents in the park. Most don't start arriving until after November 1....too hot!

On Saturday and with temperatures hovering in the upper 90's, Paul hit the roof early this morning.....time to give the 5th wheel a good scrubbing! The roof, surprisingly, wasn't as dirty as Paul expected. He only used his regular car wash soap and his handy long-handled RV brush. It was soon sparkling white.

Of course, all the filth runs down the sides so once started he was forced to wash the entire RV. Paul worked fast because once the sun comes up in South Texas, the water dries as it flies out of the hose....ha ha!

He successfully finished the job, but man was it getting hot. Now of course, the windows are all spotted so he had windows to wash.....a man's work is never done... :-)

washing windows

While relaxing in the shade with a cool drink, Marsha asked Paul, “Hey, did you see how that tire is wearing funny?” What, another tire problem? Sure enough, one of the 5th wheel tires has worn down to the belt on the inside. WOW! That could have been another blow-out!

Inside, but only on part of the tire.

Other side of the same tire.

So that's the final straw. Time to replace all the tires on the RV. Paul's done some online research, and he's getting rid of the Goodyear Marathon ST235/80 R16 – known on the Cameo Forum as “Chinese Bombs” - and go with 17.5 rims and Goodyear 114.

This is a fairly expensive decision, so he went to Discount Tire and got a price on two Goodyear Marathons to replace the last two 2010 Marathons on the rig.  They kindly gave him an adjustment for the existing "bad" tires.  He'll get two Marathons for a little over $200 for both. This should hold us for awhile. We'll move forward with replacing the rims and wheels in the near future.

With all this work going  on, Marsha was catching up with her girlfriends here in the park.  Marsha's got a smile on her's “party time” here in the Rio Grande Valley. Paul calls it her “party mode.” She loves a get together!

Let's see....Friday night it was “get together with Angie and Rick at their place.” Saturday night it was “country dancing” at a neighboring campground with three other couples. Sunday afternoon it was a “Social Hour” with several couples here in Leisure Valley Ranch. Paul says, “It never ends.”

party time

Thanks for stopping by. Hope to see y'all back real soon. Have a great day!