Friday, July 10, 2015


Friday, July 10 – We returned south of the Bridge today to visit Mackinaw City. This is “tourist central” for this area. But first a correction in a previous blog is need. We reported incorrectly that tolls were only collected on the Northbound side of the Mackinac Bridge. We found out this morning that toll booth are on both directions. We paid $4 for the truck going BOTH directions.

There is another confusing issue here in Mackinaw City for many visitors. That is the correct spelling of the city and how to pronounce it. First it is pronounced Mack-in-naw regardless of how it is spelled. The spelling is another issue. When the British arrived and took over in 1761, they decided to change the spelling to “aw.” The French district (north of the Straits) kept their “ac.” So everything north of Mackinaw City uses the spelling … MACKINAC. Mackinaw City is the only reference that uses the “aw” ending but regardless they are pronounced the same. The straits are called Mackinac Straits and the island is Mackinac Island. Clear as mud!

After stopping at a local Mackinaw City bakery for coffee and a doughnut, we leisurely strolled along the main shopping district. Again, this area is all about the tourists and what they can take home to remember their visit.

Mackinaw City

Mackinaw City

lighthouse sign

Old Mackinac Point Lighthouse

We did enjoy seeing the “Northern style” interior of the Dixie Saloon and the 1000's of keys hanging around the Keyhole Bar, a former stopping off point for Paul and his fishing buddies.

Dixie Saloon

Dixie Saloon

Keyhole Bar

Top of the Bar.
Keyhole Bar


We were surprised that most of the wineries charge for wine tasting. Hey, do they want to sell this stuff or not? We eventually found a winery that has free tasting and ended up purchasing 4 bottles of tasty vino. Maybe those places should re-evaluate charging for tasting!

Last night after dark (It doesn't really get dark this far north until after 10 pm.), we drove down to get a view of the Mackinac Bridge all lit up in all it's glory. Nice way to spend the evening and definitely something you don't see every night.

Mackinac bridge

We were treated to a fabulous setting sun.

Tomorrow, we pull up the jacks and head further north to continue exploring the North Country. We're going to zero in on the town Paul and his fishing buddies terrorized in their youth. Check back to get Marsha's take on some of Paul's old memories.....ha ha!

us and the Mackinac bridge

Thanks for stopping by. Hope to see y’all back real soon. Have a great day!