Friday, November 28, 2014


Friday, November 28 -  We spent Thanksgiving with our daughter, Carrie, and twenty of her friends. This is the 6th year for Carrie's Thanksgiving dinner. She always invites her friends that can't get home for the holiday. We've been able to attend five of the six dinners. We knew many of the "kids" that attended again this year, but there are always a group of new attendees.

This is year, Carrie reserved the activity center at her apartment complex for the party. Luckily, the center has a kitchen for preparing the dinner.

Think there are enough cooks in the kitchen?
cooks in the kitchen

As a bonus, the room has three TVs, a pool table, a shuffle board game, and even a swimming pool which no one used, of course. It did necessitate a bit of juggling to prepare all that food in the small kitchen, but she did a great job. She prepared two delicious turkeys, a sweet potato dish and cranberry sauce.

How many people does it take to put marshmallows on the sweet potato dish? marshmellows

The guests also brought covered dishes, including pies and other desserts, potatoes, corn casserole, and an assortment of beverages.


First wave of friends.

Second wave of friends.

We had a delicious dinner and enjoyed time with many of Carrie's friends. As usual, the youngins were having a great time after dinner, so we found a good opportunity to head home. Thanks Carrie for a great time!

Since we arrived in Houston, time has flown by. Marsha flies back to Ohio on Thursday, December 4. She likes to spend a few weeks with her family, friends, shopping and decorating. Paul and Carrie fly back on Monday, December 22. We probably won’t be doing much blogging between now and Christmas but will still follow along on all our favorite blogs.

Thanks for stopping by. Hope to see y’all back real soon. Have a great day.