Wednesday, August 7, 2013


August 7, 2013 – Paul has been busy with some final project before we hit the road at the end of the month.

He installed a Progressive Industries EMS in the 5th wheel. He installed the HW 50C model which is hard-wired into the RV's electrical system. The idea is to have the EMS detect a faulty electrical connection when plugging into a campground electrical pedestal. The EMS will then shut down the RV connection BEFORE any damage is done from high or low voltage, open grounds, and other potential damaging electrical situations. We had one on our motor home, and it frequently protected us from faulty campground electrical problems.


Another installation Paul completed was the addition of a Volt Minder. It is a precision electronic instrument to alert the RV owner that the battery bank is approaching a voltage that will not be sufficient to operate the desired D.C. voltage equipment to its fullest capabilities. Again, we had this reasonably priced unit on our motor home and were pleased with its service.

volt minder

One of the items we felt a “must have” before heading on our extended winter of traveling is a Honda 2000i Generator. This generator will give us enough power to charge our batteries and enjoy some “creature comforts” while parking without electrical hookups. We plan on doing a little boondocking this fall and winter, so this addition was essential.


He also felt it was a good time to install an additional battery. Paul would have liked to install several additional batteries for a total of four along with an inverter, but that will have to wait for the money train to pull into the station. We now have two 12-volt batteries which along with the generator should allow us a little boondocking for a couple days.

While Paul had the batteries out of the storage area, it was a good time to install a Pro Fill battery watering system. This system connects the battery water reservoirs with a hand held pump allowing him to fill the batteries to the proper level with little mess or fuss. By sliding the filling tube into a gallon jug of distilled water and giving the pump a couple squeezes, the batteries are filled to the proper level.


We've both been doing a little hobby work too! Marsha continues to work on her baskets and Monks cloth projects, while Paul has revived his carving hobby.

paul carving

A few projects in the works.carvings

Some Swedish weaving Christmas placemats Marsha will be giving as gifts come this Christmas.

Thanks for stopping by. Hope to see y'all back real soon. Have a great day!