Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Monday, August 30 – We had a wonderful time at John’s house. Paul’s brother was a very good host!!! Thanks so much for a great time.

Bella was so happy at John’s. When we had the house, her favorite place to sleep was the back of the chair.


What in the world is Cooper looking at?


She is persistent.


Oh, look who is hiding behind the vase. Poor little girl. She just wants to be left alone.


We left at the crack of dawn Monday morning. We had a good trip West on I-10 from Amelia Island, FL to Foley, AL, a total of 423 miles in about 8 hours. We did manage to let our GPS get us lost around Jacksonville, FL first thing this morning.......what a great start on a long travel day.......jeesh!

We are parked for the first time at an Elks Club here in Foley, AL. There are 24 sites here...we are in site # 18. There are gravel roads and gravel sites with full hook-ups. We plan on staying here through the busy Labor Day Weekend. We considered moving to the Silver Slipper Casino in Bay St.Louis, MS but they were booked solid for the weekend. So we'll sit tight and drive the 10 minutes to the beach.

They just had a new sign made. It is really nice.


Our site.




Looking down the road. Lots of empty spots. Tom told us it is packed with “Snowbirds” during the late fall and winter.


We went up to the club house in the late afternoon. It is a very nice facility. Of course, the main attraction is the bar, but they also have a new social, bingo, dance, all purpose type room. They have bingo on Tuesday and a dance this Friday. On Sunday, they are having their Labor Day barbeque. One of the club officers gave us a grand tour. A very friendly group was hanging around the bar!

One additional comment.....We love being back in the CENTRAL TIME ZONE!

Tuesday, August 31 – Spent the day at the beach! It was a beautiful day here in Gulf Shores, AL. There were more people but with school in session and college students gone, we were able to pick a prime spot for the day.


We noticed the red flag as we walked onto the beach.



High surf is exactly what we had all day. The waves were huge and started way out.



Marsha even had a difficult time standing up, and she wasn’t even that far out. She is pointing out all the little fish.


We were just here in June with our daughter Kelly. We arrived the day before the oil balls hit.

he oil was so obvious when the waves hit the shore.


Now the beach and the shore are white again. It is a beautiful beach.



There is still a clean up crew that goes around and pick up small particles of oil that raises to the surface from the rain or just waves wearing the sand.


Paul talked with one of the workers.  Paul expressed his appreciation of a job well done….the beach looks amazing clean and inviting……COME ON DOWN!


We were on the beach until about 2 pm and then returned to relax at the MH. If you are considering visiting the Gulf, we highly recommend this area. The prices are much more reasonable than some of the advertised beaches in Florida. Right down the road is Orange Beach and within the hour you can be lying on a beach in Pensacola, FL. Just a perfect day on the beach!

Thanks for stopping by. Enjoy your day. Hope to see you back real soon.