Friday, November 13, 2009


Saturday/Sunday, November 7-8 - We spent the weekend visiting our Girls. It's been over four months since we've seen them. We've really been looking forward to this!

Carrie is doing wonderful. We spent some quality time catching up on her exciting life in the third largest city in the USA – Houston. She drives like a real Houstonian too......YIIKES! We spent quite a bit of time driving around enjoying each other's company and seeing Houston. What a thriving city. Growth is everywhere. New restaurants, clubs, shopping, housing, condos, and HIGHWAYS stacked on top of each other. As Marsha said, “If you can't buy it hear, they don't make it!” We went shopping for cowboy boots. Exxon awards employees for safety by giving them gift cards. Carrie had enough gift cards saved to get a free pair of boots at Cavender's, a huge western wear outfitter in Texas. As we were driving to Target, we saw these HUGE figures. Carrie quickly turned down a side alley and walla…we were in the heart of the Arts community in Texas. It just so happens they were setting up for the Orange Show, a big fundraising event that evening for the Arts in Houston. We walked right in and started to take pictures. One of the organizers walked up to us and asked if we needed help. Paul asked what was going on, and this gentleman answered all our questions. It  appeared that it would be a beautiful event. About 20 caterers arrived while we were there. Everyone was making decorations or painting, etc. Lots of excitement. One of the better know artists did sculptures of the presidents. Each was about 50 ft. made out of stucco. They were fascinating. Here are a few pictures from the event. Look how small Carrie and Paul look next to the Beatles. They were also playing their guitars. The next is President Obama. The second row has John F. Kennedy and a row of past presidents.


beatles obama
kennedy more-presidents

See more exciting pictures.

Carrie has some wonder friends, and we visited with several throughout the day. Carrie treated us to dinner at the Hickory BBQ. Delicious dinner was had by all. We headed back to Livingston about 7:00 p.m. but not before a detour sent us through the heart of the dark. Wonderful driving experience (LOL), but a chance to see a beautiful city all lit up. Livingston is only about an hour and fifteen minutes north of Houston, so it wasn't a bad drive at all.

Sunday morning we were back on the road to Tyler, Texas to visit Kelly and Scott. We checked out several campgrounds we are considering staying at next week. We chose one about 12 minutes from Kelly's place. It doesn't really have that “it” factor, but it will do for a few days stay at Kelly's next week. We went to eat at the Purple Pig. A barbeque place on the outskirts of Tyler. Very good! Scott graciously picked up the check....thanks Scott. We returned to Kelly's and visited the rest of the afternoon. Kelly seems to have adjusted well to her move to Texas. She's happy! Tyler is another thriving and growing Texan city. With a population of about 84,000 it is not near has big as Houston, but a very nice town. It is located about two hours southeast of Dallas or about four hours north of Houston. At about 4:00 p.m., we decided we should head home so we didn't have to drive the entire way in the dark. It's only about two and a half hours from Livingston, but it's a tough drive. Numerous small towns that require you to slow down and deal with local traffic. After arriving back in Livingston, we relaxed and watched a football game on TV.

A nice weekend visiting with Kelly and Carrie. Glad to see they are both doing so well and seem to enjoy their lives here in Texas. We will be spending additional time with them during the upcoming holidays. That's a big reason we chose to begin full-timing. We would like to see them several times a year.

Monday, November 9 - Marsha did house work today. She cleaned the MH from front to back. I went to the grocery store, tried to get a haircut (and failed), and did a few “outside” jogs. Did some future campground planning and getting reservations. One of those slow days

Marsha and I have talked to several Canadians about their universal health care system. Each and everyone of them say they would not trade it for the American health care system. They are very happy with the care they receive and express no truth to the idea that they have to wait for long periods before receiving care. They chuckle when asked about many Americans fearing a similar health care plan. Hmmmm.....straight from the horses mouth!

Tuesday, November 11 - First thing this morning I went to town to get my hair cut. $5.00! That was the total cost at Miller's Barber Shop. I had to wait about an hour. The place was packed. She is a small black grandma that just loves everyone. She DOES NOT accept tips. WOW! Didn’t know anyone did that now a days.

I installed a Progressive EMS electrical monitoring system today. Many campgrounds have faulty electrical system that could do severe damage to your motor home electrical system, air conditioners, microwaves, TV, and other electrical components. The EMS monitor shuts down the MH electrical system automatically if it senses faulty current. It also displays your voltage, amps being used, and checks to see if you have 60 hertz. Manufactures should install these on all RV's but of course they don't. The installation went well.

Wednesday, November 11 - After supper we went up to the activity center to learn how to play Mexican Train. It's a domino game played at many RV Parks across the country. I guess each area of the country has their own version of the game. It is really a fun game. You'll never guess who won?????? I did! Marsha came in a close second (10 points behind me). The newbies win....LOL Not sure if they will let us come back again….HAHA

Thursday, November 12 - We'll be closing up shop here at Livingston with plans to pull up the stabilizers and hit the road tomorrow morning. We'll be driving the MH up to Tyler, TX (Kelly's town) for a mini-family get-together. Carrie will be coming up Friday evening after returning from a week in New Orleans on a work assignment. From Tyler, we'll drive up to the Dallas/Fort Worth area on Sunday for a week of sightseeing. Then back to Livingston and the Houston area for Thanksgiving.