Sunday, December 6, 2009


Sunday, November 29 – Still laid up with back ache.....yuk! Marsha is making our Thanksgiving Dinner today.....Turkey, potatoes, dressing, and gravy! She is trying her baking expertise in the Convection Microwave. The turkey turned out super!! It was so juicy. She finished decorating. Looks pretty good!

tree snow-man

Monday, November 30 – We went down near Houston (about an hour's drive) to do some Christmas shopping today. Livingston is not the town for shopping.

You might be thinking.........Boy, Marsha and Paul aren't doing much. No Grand Canyon, No Las Vegas, No L.A. There's plenty of time for that later. We're here to spend the holidays with our girls. We've missed them and want to spend enough time with them that they ask us “When are you leaving Texas.....LOL

REMEMBER: It's not a's a life style! We'll be moving on after the holidays!

Tuesday, December 1 – I exercised the onboard generator today. This involves running it under load for about 30 minutes. This is something that should be done monthly to keep things running smoothly. I will also be getting the generator oil and filter changed before heading to Quartszite, AZ where we will be needing it for electrical hookups.

We went and played Mexican Train with Barb & Bruce Highland. People we met the other night from Two Harbors, Minnesota. They have been full-timing for two years. Very nice people. We hope to meet up with them in Quartszite.

Thursday, December 3 – Went to the Orthopedic doctor today. They took some x-rays and scheduled an MRI for Friday. I won't get the results until Tuesday, December 8.

Marsha and I then went Christmas shopping….again. We were near Humble, TX, a big shopping area so we took advantage and shopped for several hours.

Friday, December 4 – My back feels BETTER today! The doctor gave me a med-pack (steroids), and it already feels much better. I take the pills for a week. At least he's provided some help.

I also went in for the MRI this afternoon. This place is like a 4-star spa. They asked us several times if we would like anything to drink OR EAT!! When I was taken back for the MRI, Marsha asked for a cup of coffee. They brought it to her in a small private waiting area….oh brother….in a china cup and saucer. They even gave us a gift….travel mug….when we left and asked if we would like a bottle of water to take with us! This is going to cost a bundle. I was given the MRI x-rays to take to my doctor on Tuesday. It is obvious I have back problems. The two doctors have said it was from an injury I suffered as a youngster............probably that darn football.

While we were in Houston today it S-N-O-W-E-D !!!!! YIKES!!! We didn’t come West to freeze in the snow! It was funny to see the Texans enjoying the snow. This is only the 8th time it snowed in Houston so many of them have never seen snow!!! When we were at the mall, someone came into the Macy’s store and told the employee’s that it was snowing and THEY LEFT THE STORE to go look. We couldn’t believe that the employees walked out the door to see the snow. Everyone was taking pictures and videos. The big news story was the snow. What a hoot for an Ohioian. It didn't stick on the ground but all the cars and roofs of buildings were covered. School was let out at noon......LOL

We're snug here in the motor home. It's 36 outside but we're very comfortable with our furnace running. We were advised by the campground hosts to turn off the water faucet, drain our water hose and store it in the MH basement. They don't want frozen pipes.

Saturday, December 5 – JEEZE LOUISE......IT'S ONLY 27 on the thermometer this morning! CRAZY! The whole country is experiencing a cold wave, I understand.

We're headed to Tyler, TX to spend the day with Kelly. She's going to buy a new computer, and Marsha is going to help her set it up.

Had a nice weekend at Kellys. She made a delicious vegetable lasagna dinner, and we enjoyed visiting and watching college football with her and Scott.