Saturday, August 18, 2012


Friday, August 17 - Well, we've gone and done it! We bought a house.
front of house
When we began full-timing, we committed to living on the road for at least two years. Well, it's been three years, and we've decided to become “Part-Timers.” We don't intend to stop traveling. We still have a daughter in Houston, TX, we plan on seeing frequently, and we have places we want to see and people we want to visit all over the country. We just felt the time was right to move in another direction. Time to slow waaaaay down!

Backyard is nice a large.back of home

Our plan is to sell our Tiffin Phaeton and downsize to a trailer in the near future. We'll use the trailer to escape the cold Ohio winters and travel about six months a year. If anyone is looking for a wonderful 2005 Tiffin Phaeton diesel pusher, that has served us well over the past three years, we have just the vehicle for you and you certainly won't be disappointed.

We both had some reservations about buying a house, but felt the time was right to slow down and give “Part-Timing” a try. With interest rates at all-time lows, and it being a buyer's market, it wasn't a hard decision to make. We both knew we wouldn't be full-time RV'ers for ever and thought we would start the process of home shopping. Little did we know we would find a well-priced house so quickly.

A scary moment when we signed the contract. Yes, that wallpaper will come off…and fast!signing contract

Being “part-timers” or “snowbirds” seems like a comfortable compromise for us. We can spend some summer months in the Canton, Ohio, area with our daughter, Kelly, family and friends, and then escape the snow in the winter months to visit our other daughter, Carrie, in Houston. Mix in some trips to places around the country we still want to see and we should be happy!

So another lifestyle change has begun. Wish us luck!

Thanks for stopping by. Hope to see y'all back real soon. Have a great day!