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Saturday, October 26 - Presidio La Bahia, The Fort on the Bay, a National Historic Landmark, is considered the world's finest example of a Spanish frontier fort. This is the most fought over fort in Texas history. This fort was at the center of every attempt to forcibly change the governmental order of Texas.


Presidio flags


The history of Presidio La Bahia and Goliad can be traced through the flags of the various nations that have controlled this region of South Texas. Click on the photo to enlarge it and read about all the different nations.

nine flags

The first Declaration of Texas Independence was formally declared at the Presidio on December 20, 1835. The first Texas flag flew here, and it was the location of the darkest day in Texas history, the Goliad Massacre.

There was a list of all those slain at the Goliad Massacre, and it appears that we both have relatives that died for Texas  (Paul's last name is Weaver and Marsha's maiden name is Wadsworth.)

died at Texas massacre




Our Lady of Loreto Chapel was erected in the quadrangle of the Presidio for the sole use of the soldiers and Spanish settlers. It is the oldest building in the compound, in continuous use since the 1700's.  As a matter of fact, as we we leaving people were arriving for a wedding.

Our Lady of Loreto Chapel

Our Lady of Loreto Chapel

Our Lady of Loreto Chapel

Our Lady of Loreto Chapel

One of the oldest churches in America, it also is one of the only buildings in existence that has its original “groin vaulted ceilings” in place. This centuries-old chapel was where Fannin's men were held during their captivity before being massacred. It was also here that the First Declaration of Texas Independence was signed.

Our Lady of Loreto Chapel ceiling

There is so much history in this area. We will tell you more in our next post.

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