Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Tuesday, January 29 – Last Friday, we decided to try the local Pulga, flea market.

pulga sign

Now, this flea market was much better than the famous Don Wes Market in Donna. Readers will recall we were a bit disappointed by the Don Wes Market. The local Pulga in Mission has grown in recent years. We believe it is now bigger and better than Don Wes. The produce is outstanding and reasonably priced. We purchased a huge bag of grapefruit and a equally large bag of oranges – both for $5. Gonna make some juice!


Paul was impressed with some of the tools and looked closely at several. He's probably going to regret not buying some of these bargains.


Mostly, we enjoyed “window shopping” or at least looking at the many booths and people watching. They even had a disc jockey and several couples were dancing.


The Pulga was packed and vendors seemed to be doing a brisk business. We enjoyed it enough to want to venture back again in the future.

Marsha is a bit leery of buying one of these at a flea market.bra stand

Paul is a bit leery of buying one of these.

On Saturday, we met friends at Riverside Club. The bar/restaurant is located on the banks of the Rio Grande River. A mere 100 yards across the river is Mexico!

us at riverside

outdoor patio

Each day has a different theme. Today is German day. We enjoy a German dinner of Pork Schnitzel with German potatoes, pretzel bread, sauerkraut and salad in place of the sold out cabbage rolls…very good!

the group

Joe enjoyed one of their German beers.
Joe and beer

The group playing today was a Polka band. We're not Polka dancers, but it was fun singing along, watching the dancers, and of course drinking the beer!

German band

The girls did some line dancing.line dancing

Marsha was even invited to the front for a “board of education” drink. An unusual attempt, to get the ladies tipsy, Paul thinks.......LOL


board of education

board of education 2

task completed

We had a good time and would return again. They have different bands playing about every afternoon. Next time, we will try one of the country groups. They do have Rio Grande River cruises – 1 hour cruises for $10 per person. That might be interesting.

Thanks for stopping by. Hope to see y'all back real soon. Have a great day!