Friday, August 3, 2012


Saturday, August 4 - Paul has noticed the black tank flush system wasn't working as well as it had in the past, so after doing some online research on the Tiffin Network, he decided to work on a repair.  The suggested "fix" was to re-drill the rinser with a larger 3/32" hole.  OK….now to find the black tank rinser.  It is located on the top of the black tank, but depending on the model of Motor Home, it could be on the right or left side.

Here's Paul opening the right-side door to the holding tank area.DSC09248

Nope, not here….geesh!  Must be on the other side, which is more difficult to reach.DSC09247

Now to tear out much of the wet-bay area and remove the inside top cover to access the holding tank area.

Ahh….there it is. Of course, this picture is taken looking behind the wet bay wall. Paul will have to reach over the wall to remove those three screws holding the flush in the top of the black tank. This will be fun!


Got it out!  Completely plugged!  Wiping isn't going to help.DSC09252

Using a 3/32 drill bit, he re-drills the holes. Can you see the holes?DSC09253

Paul then replaced the rinser and gives it a test. Holy Cow!  That sucker really squirts now. He could hear it flush all that…..ah, "stuff" out of the tank. It NEVER worked this well. Guess he should have drilled it out a couple years ago. Got the "stuff" really flowing now!

While Paul was working on his…..ahhh  "stuff," look what pulled in across the park from us. It's the KOA Inspection Team. No sneaking in for them. This explains all the painting, black topping, weeding, and other updating that has been going  on in the park since our arrival.

Pretty nice rig the inspectors have….all brand new too!DSC09313

Thanks for stopping by. Hope to see y'all back real soon. Have a great day!