Wednesday, March 19, 2014


Wednesday, March 19 - Paul's begun packing up and getting ready to roll. We have a tentative departure date set for Sunday morning, March 23. We like to pull out early, and Sunday morning is definitely the best morning for driving through Houston.

Having sat here for five months makes preparation for leaving a little interesting. Repacking many of the storage areas is the first priority. Now where did I store these things before??? :-)

This little guy visits us often. We think it is a Texas Mockingbird.
Texas mockingbird

Paul did get up on the roof and gave it a good scrubbing the other day and caulked a couple areas that looked a little suspicious. Of course, if he washes the roof he must wash the sides. All that yuck runs down over the sides and makes quite a mess. It's nice and clean now and should be good until some day this summer!

We think this guy was ready to take a dip in the pool.
visit to the pool

We took time this morning to meet up with good friends, Jane and Joe. They are fellow RVers we've spent the past several winters with down in Mission, TX. We received a call on Monday saying that they would be passing through Houston Tuesday morning and wanted to meet up for breakfast. Yep, they're driving through Houston during rush hour...YEEK!  We decided to meet on the west side of town. They'll need a break after that drive! We're a little more familiar with town and can bypass much of the traffic and of course, we won't be driving an RV. The good thing is that Jane and Joe are from the Chicago area, so they are use to driving in heavy traffic.

us and jane and joe

We met at Denny's restaurant in Katy. Located on the I-10 “feeder road,” it was an easy on and off for our friends. Since they are heading west, this location means they've finished the drive through Houston traffic.

They arrived right on time, and reported the drive through Houston was interesting but uneventful. We enjoyed sharing stories of our winters…They were in Florida, and we were in Texas. Florida beat Texas for better weather but was much more expensive. We'll have to give Florida a try in the future.

After enjoying breakfast and visiting for over an hour, it was time for our friends to move on down the road. They have reservations in the Fredericksburg area tonight. It was great to see Jane and Joe again. It's been over a year since we last saw them, but it seems like only yesterday. See you down the road good friends. Be safe and have a good trip.

Spring training has begun, and Marsha is in all her glory.
cleveland lndians 

Thanks for stopping by. Hope to see y’all back real soon. Have a great day!