Thursday, September 6, 2012


Friday, September 6 – One of Marsha's favorite things to do is get together with her "Divas." She has several different groups of "Divas" she has lunch/dinner with. We have been here only a short six weeks, but she has made time to have lunch with almost all of her friends.

The "Church Divas" spent several hours at the Gervasi Vineyard. They didn't go there for wine tasting, just to have a few hours of chit chat and lunch.

The Vineyard has a beautiful setting. Gervasi Vineyard

The "Church Divas" are the gals Marsha worked with at our church, St. Stephen Martyr Lutheran Church. Lynne and Ann also taught with Marsha in the Jackson School District. The gals say the office hasn't been the same since Marsha has left. We are sure it is probably much quieter and less crazy.

Lynne, Patti, Ann, MarshaChurch diavs

Another one of her groups is the "Stark State Technology College Divas." Marsha taught at the College, now known as Stark State College, for several years part-time and eight years full time.

Shirley was Marsha's office mate all her full-time years. Besides being a wonderful teacher, Connie doubled as a babysitter for us on occasion. Believe it or not, Pam has the same lasts name as us but no relations. She is from West Virginia.

Shirley, Marsha, Pam, Connie2012 Stark State Divas

The biggest group, when everyone can make it, is the "Jackson Divas." These are all gals Marsha taught with at Jackson. Everyone is retired in the group except for Leigh Ann. She is a bit younger than the others and has a few more years to go.

Front: Marsha, Stephanie, Sharon. Back: Leigh Ann, Marlene, CindyJackson Divas

She always has a wonderful fun time with each of her friends and feels very blessed to have them all in her life.

Thanks for stopping by. Hope to see y'all back real soon. Have a great day!