Friday, January 20, 2012


Monday, January 16 – Paul did a minor remodeling project this morning. We purchased a small dining/kitchen table last year after removing our “fixed” table. The fixed table just wasn't located in the best spot and the new kitchen table had legs that made sitting at it uncomfortable. It seemed like we were always straddling a table leg.

So Paul ordered a pedestal table leg online. We were looking for a wooden pedestal, but they were either cost prohibitive or too big. If only Paul still had his wood shop....LOL.   Anyway, the pedestal arrived in yesterdays UPS truck, and Paul installed it this morning.



What a difference! Makes the table much more comfortable. We may change the color in the future???? That's a decision for another time.


Before we headed to the guitar concert, we had dinner at Cheddars. We have never been here before. The food was delicious!

Rick, Marsha, Paul, Jane, Joe, Angie

After dinner we attended a guitar concert at the McAllen Community Center......Edgar Cruz – Guitarist Extraordinaire. He has been named the Oklahoma's Top Performing Artist and Acoustic Guitarist for more than ten years. He performed a repertoire of greatest hits, classical medleys, Latin favorites, originals, rock, jazz, mariachi, and romantic music.


All and all, it was an enjoyable concert and a good time out with friends.

Wednesday, January 18 – OFF TO MEXICO.....We headed to Nuevo Progreso this morning with friends, Angie & Rick and Jane & Joe. We paid our .50 to pass through the turnstile and cross-over into Mexico.


The first thing Paul noticed was the absence of the military. Last year the military had outposts at the border and on several street corners. There presence is no longer visible, and Rick mentioned they moved out of town last fall. Hopefully, that means they are no longer needed.

We feel very comfortable and safe while visiting this border town in Mexico. The people are very friendly, not too pushy, and seem happy to have us present and spending our American dollars. Marsha was looking for some Mexican tiles for her baskets. She did find one, but we'll continue to look next week when we return to Mexico for dentist appointments. We're going to get our 6-month teeth cleaning.

Typical street

If only we had space…wouldn't these just look lovely in the motor home?

We stopped at the pharmacy for some medicines. We wanted to get several “Z-packs” in case we get the cough that seems to be slowly spreading through the campground. Of course, with any medicine purchase you get a free margarita, so we moved next door for our drinks and to listen to the entertainment.

We sat for quite awhile because Joe decided to see the surgeon recommended by the pharmacist. He had a couple growths removed from his face. Luckily Angie is Hispanic and speaks fluent Spanish. She acted as his interpreter. She's been to this pharmacist many times in the past and was able to get a recommendation for a good doctor. Marsha took the camera and documented the entire surgery. She got a ton of close ups, but we won't gross you out with them. Isn't this what you always dreamed of…your surgery in photos.


Joe is alive and well. He looks great.


While we were waiting for Joe and having more than our free margarita, the entertainment started.


We have heard this guy several times. Actually, once in a while he hits the right notes…LOL. The girls decided they would liven everyone's visit by entertaining the crowd. They requested the Macarena. They were moving so fast, Paul couldn't get a clear picture. First time Marsha has danced in Mexico.


After Joe's surgery, we headed back to the border and our return to the U.S. We zipped right through customs and were headed home in no time. We stopped for lunch at one of Rick's favorite hamburger spots, Gonzales. They serve a half-pound cheeseburger that is huge. Marsha and I both brought half home for a later supper.



Another busy and enjoyable day spent in two countries!


Thursday, January 19 - Angie & Rick came over for dinner this evening to help with planning our upcoming summer travels. They have full-timed for over nine years and traveled extensively in California, Oregon and Washington, so are a good source on information of what to see and how to get there!

Rick brought over his computer with Streets & Trips software and convinced us to purchase the latest version. He has all the Points of Interest (POI) marked making it pretty nice for finding Elks Lodges, discount RV Parks, and other stops along our route.

We pretty much have our route planned, and we'll transfer it to my computer once I purchase Streets & Trips. I'll do a little “tweaking” and then post our travel plans in the near future.

After several hours of planning, Marsha served us a delicious Spaghetti Bake dinner complete with salad and garlic bread. What is it with RV'ers, trip planning, and food.....LOL

Check out the latest picture of Marsha's post eye surgery. She still has swelling below both eyes, but she is thrilled that she can see so clearly. Thanks to everyone for your prayers, best wishes, and emails. What a miracle!


Thanks for stopping by. Hope to see y'all back real soon. Have a great day!