Sunday, January 27, 2013


Sunday, January 27 – One of the things we worry about when hitching up the truck and 5th wheel is the awful damage that would be caused by dropping an improperly hooked trailer onto the pickup. It is said there are two types of 5th wheel owners – ones that have dropped the 5th wheel on their pickups and ones who eventually will.


Well, to help avoid this, Paul ordered the Bed Saver from Butch's Service. It is designed to catch the 5th wheel pin before any damage can be done. Paul has read several testimonials on the Internet and decided to give it a try.

bed saver

It arrived in the mail the other day. Installation was fairly simple and straight forward. The hardest part is interpreting the instructions and getting the layout correct for drilling the holes for attachment.

holding bed saver

Once laid out, you drill four holes and use the bolts included to attach the Bed Saver to the 5th wheel hitch.

hitch bed saver

drilling holes


To hitch up, you unlock and pull the Bed Saver bar away from the mouth of the hitch. Once hitched, you return the bar to the locked position and complete the normal “hitch test.” If not hitched securely, the bar will catch the 5th wheel pin before any damage is done by the trailer falling down on the truck bed.

bed saver in place

bed saver open

Paul then did some cosmetic touch up painting of the hitch and the installation was complete.

completed job

Hopefully, we will never have to give the Bed Saver a test. We'll let you know the results if the test is ever completed.

There is a rule in the park that dogs must be on a leash but not so for cats. There is a cat that has been coming around driving Bella crazy. It acts like it belongs here with us.

visiting cat

Once Bella has enough of this cat, she lets her thoughts be known.

get going cat

go on get out of here

Thanks for stopping by. Hope to see y'all back real soon. Have a great day!