Saturday, November 28, 2015


Saturday, November 28 – Hasn't been much happening here in Houston, Texas. We love this time of year with NCAA football and have spent several Saturdays with Carrie and Michael catching our favorite teams. Carrie has recently moved to a new apartment so we get to help spend her money furnishing her new place. 

We are at our “Southern home” here at the Houston Elks Lodge and have many friends in the campground and members of the Lodge. We feel like we are “returning home” when we pull into our site here at the Lodge campground. Mostly we are relaxing and unwinding from our whirlwind tour of Florida.

Thanksgiving was again wonderful. 

Paul carving one of the turkeys while Stephanie, Spencer, Carrie
and Michael cheer him on.
2015 Thanksgiving 1

This is one of the few years Carrie did not have a big dinner at her apartment for friends.  She recently moved and wasn't ready for a big party in her new digs. 

This is Carrie’s turkey. Yummmmmmmy!
Carrie's turkey

We enjoyed the day with a smaller group of Carrie’s friends at Spencer's beautiful home.

The girls with our host, Spencer.
2105 Thanksgiving

Someone has to do the dirty work.2015 Thanksgiving

Another great dinner and time spent enjoying the enthusiasm of young adults.

2015 Thanksgiving

Marsha will be heading to Ohio on December 3 to spend an extended Christmas holiday with family and friends. Paul and Carrie will join her much closer to Christmas for the family holiday. Paul stays back in Houston to care for our fur kid, Bella, and Carrie, of course, has work responsibilities.

After returning to Houston around the first of the year, we will head to Mission, Texas, in the Rio Grande Valley for about a month. We'll enjoy visiting with friends from many past years in “The Valley.”  We also plan on visits to Nuevo Progresso to see the dentist to get some annual work done.  This is a great birding area, so we hope to spend several days hiking and getting some outdoor exercise.

Thanks for stopping by. Hope to see y’all back real soon. Have a great day.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015


Tuesday, November 11 – During the fall, Saturday is NCAA football for sports lovers, which is a group we are definitely among. We went to our daughter's, Carrie, apartment for lunch first. She has moved since we were last in Houston, and today is the day we got to see her new place. There's something else in town we haven't got to see, and we'll be meeting HIM at lunch as well.

Carrie still lives in the hustle and bustle of Midtown Houston. She moved into a newer and slightly larger apartment a few blocks from her previous location. It is a very nice apartment and has some increased security over her previous place. One of these security items we noticed immediately. There is a double entry gate system allowing only one car to enter the parking garage at a time. And you have to be buzzed in by the person living in the complex. Oh....and no dang speed bumps in the parking garage to rattle your car to pieces.

Carrie has a very nice apartment and a beautiful view of the downtown Houston skyline. We shared a wonderful Salmon fillet for lunch and even got to meet Michael, her special guy. They've been dating for a couple months but this was his first “family time.” Poor guy :-) He is a very nice guy and seems to fit right in.

A rainy day in Houston.
Houston skyline

We then headed over to one of the many sports bars in Midtown so we could watch several football games at once. They also have patron games at the bar we enjoy playing…for free. Our competitive nature sometimes gets the best of us. Paul was the CHAMPION at ping pong, (Michael took it easy on him).

Paul takes Carrie out of the playoff. ping pong 

We also played several games of pool, tried our hand at ring toss, and enjoyed the football games.

Mike making a combo shot.

Mike and Carrie.

Another great day with family.

It was a fun afternoon, but it was getting dark and time for the older generation to slip aside and head for home. No use even trying to keep up with the younger generation.

Houston skyline from Carrie’s rooftop parking deck. Houston skyline

By the way…yes, we were in Houston for the last HUGE rain. We had 7.22 inches in just 24 hours. The bayou back of the Elks was brimming at the top. It had to be at least 30’ high.


After the water finally receded.

Now that the holidays are just about upon us and since we will be sitting for a few months, we won’t be posting much. Thanks to those that sent emails asking if we were doing well.

Thanks for stopping by. Hope to see y’all back real soon. Have a great day!