Sunday, December 31, 2017


Sunday, December 31 - After an extended stay at the Houston Elks Lodge, we are ready to head South on Wednesday, January 3, 2018. We will be staying in Mission, Texas, to enjoy visits with many long-time friends, trips to Mexico to get some dental work done, and hopefully enjoying some tropical weather.

We arrived in Houston in mid-October in time to jump aboard the Houston Astro's baseball run for the World Series Championship. We enjoyed cheering them on and attending the celebration parade with our daughter, Carrie.

Astros parade

We've been trying to keep-up with Carrie and her friends cheering on their favorite NCAA football teams. We've also enjoyed spending as much time as possible with Carrie.

Marsha flew back to Canton, Ohio, in early November to celebrate her dad's surprise 90th birthday with family. Rather than return to Houston for a few weeks then turn around and fly back to Ohio for the Christmas Holidays, she decided to remain in Ohio and spend time with her dad, family, and friends. Paul and Bella held down the fort in Houston.

Doesn’t he look super for 90
dad photo 

Paul stayed busy doing some maintenance on the 5th wheel. He replaced the dining room light, blocked access to Bella's hideout under our bed (She likes to sneak under there when she senses we are about to travel.), installed fantastic fan vent covers on the RV roof, replaced the dome over the shower, replaced the back-up camera in the truck, waxed the RV, and replaced the RV toilet. Busy hands stay out of trouble.....LOL.

As Christmas drew near, Paul and Carrie flew back to Ohio to join Marsha and family for the holidays. We suffered through a little bit of snow at our oldest daughter, Kelly and Dave’s, house. Just enough to remind us why we head south in the winter. She has a beautiful place in Ohio's snow belt, but we'll enjoy it through pictures, not in person.

Kelly and Dave’s house.
Kelly houses

We had a wonderful Christmas with family at our Ohio home. Of course, Marsha prepared a magnificent dinner. We exchanged gifts, drank a few adult beverages, and enjoyed being with family for the holidays.

Weaver family

Dave and Paul playing a little poker.
Dave and Paul

The family minus a few. Dad wasn’t feeling well…dang.
family photo

Everyone enjoying a good meal.
Christmas 2017

Ever year Marsha makes a homemade gift for all the gals. She was in a bit of a panic this year. She was unable to get the materials for the special gift she had in mind this year. Once she arrived in Ohio, she had to go to work fast to come up with a new idea. She scanned Pinterest until she found the perfect gift…a ribbon tree. She made about 24 trees to give to family and friends. No two were alike. She was very happy with the results. Every one that received one gave her wonderful compliments.

ribbon trees

ribbon trees

ribbon trees

We made our way back to Houston soon after Christmas to prepare for our trip to the Rio Grande Valley. After ringing in the New Year, we will be spending a couple months traveling around South Texas before deciding our future destinations.

Goodbye Ohio snow.
Ohio snow

That should catch everyone up on where the heck are the Weavers. Happy New Year to all. Be safe and enjoy 2018.


Thanks for stopping by. Hope to see y’all back real soon. Have a great day!