Tuesday, April 16, 2013


Friday, April 12 – After spending the entire day enjoying the Masters, it was time to party!!! Paul's brother has a Masters party every year inviting about 50 family members, friends, and business associates. John (Paul's brother) and Ryan (his son) are in charge of the menu.

Prep time…John and Ryan.
prep time for masters

Flower arranging by Penny and Karen.
prep time for masters

This years specialty is Prime Rib, grilled veggie's, potatoes, and grilled chicken kabobs. Of course adult beverages are available to hydrate oneself after spending a day on the golf course.


The yard is ready for the party.yard ready

Beverage tables.

We had a wonderful time meeting and talking with this group of friendly southerners. Marsha spent quite a bit of time talking to a couple from Italy. Her grandparents were from Italy and that's one of Marsha's most favorite places to visit.

marsha, frank and wife

It seems like there always has to be a "girls" photo. girls photo

Paul, Carol and John
Paul Carol and John

We had a such a great time that before we knew it the clock struck 2:30 a.m. WOW! Staying up with the young adults is tough. Sure glad we're staying around the house on Saturday rather than going to the Masters. John, Karen and another couple are going to watch the golf. We'll hang around the house, relax and do some cleaning up of things from last night's party.

We hit the road for Ohio early Sunday morning. It's taking us two days to drive there from Augusta, GA.

Thanks so much John and Karen for a fabulous two weeks. You can bet that we will be back.

John and Karen

Thanks for stopping by. Hope to see y'all back real soon. Have a great day!