Sunday, March 7, 2010


Thursday, March 4 – Home from the hospital today. Marsha picked me up about 10:00 for our trip back to Livingston. It's good to be home. I feel pretty good. I enjoyed sitting outside in the beautiful sunny afternoon. Hopefully that will be the case for most days. Texas is warming up....It's Spring in Texas!

Friday, March 5 - Boy! Sleeping in this brace is going to take some getting use to! I feel like one of those circus clowns in the Bull Riding Contest wearing a barrel.




Just about impossible to lie in one position for more than a few minutes. Constant changing of position.....betcha' Marsha is lovin' all the moving around all night! I end up taking a bunch of short naps all night and then all day. Sitting in a chair reading is not bad at all


and even walking, although tiring at this point in the game, doesn’t give me any pain.


Hopefully sleeping will come after a few days!

Eric and Karla, a couple we met in the desert of Quartzsite this winter, arrived at the park today. Eric was one of my morning walking companions. They've been in southern Texas at Port Aransas. They weren't too pleased with this year's weather down there......a constant wind. We've heard this about south Texas. We considered going there for a winter, but if it's always windy, we may have to re-consider the idea.

Eric & Karla are on their way to Eunice, LA to experience the Cajun lifestyle and stopped to visit for a couple of days. They are originally from Michigan. We plan on traveling around Louisiana on our way East, so we’ll have to follow their travels for some ideas.

Saturday, March 6 - It is Texas rodeo time in Houston. This is a big event. It runs all through March.  They even have a group of trail riders that rode in from other parts of Texas on horses and wagons.  Every night on the news they have a Rodeo report. It is held at Reliant Stadium. They have all the typical rodeo events like bull riding, and bronco riding and then of course concerts by many popular country singers. We had plans on attending some events but may have to wait until next year due to my back.

Marsha, Eric, Karla, and Lee went out to eat at Florida's Kitchen. It is located on 796 FM 350 S, in Livingston. I wasn't feeling well and stayed home. The group had a good meal and a good time talking. Marsha did bring me home a carry out and it was great.


It doesn’t look like much from the outside, but boy is the food good inside.


Inside Florida’s. It is huge.



Part of the kitchen.


From left front around the table are…Lee (IYU), Me, Karla, Eric


Some one was hungry…LOL


Sunday, March 7 – Pretty quiet day. We did some BBQ chicken on the grill. Excellent! Attended the Ice Cream Social. We sat with Eric and Karla. Eric and Karla are leaving tomorrow. We really enjoy taking with them. Well, another week bits the dust.

Thanks for stopping by. See y’all soon.