Tuesday, December 11, 2012


December 11, 2011 – The Heritage Society is located in Sam Houston Park. Here in the middle of the downtown skyscrapers are ten of the city's oldest structures dating back to 1823. There is a wonderful museum, and if interested, one can stay for a candle-light tour at night. We didn't take the tour this visit, but plan to return and take the day tour.

The setting around the historic area is lovely.

houston park

There is a statue in honor of the late John Bowden Connally, Jr. Mr. Connally was an influential American politician, serving as the 39th governor of Texas, Secretary of the Navy under President John F. Kennedy, and as Secretary of the Treasury under President Richard M. Nixon. While he was Governor in 1963, Connally was a passenger in the car in which President Kennedy was assassinated and was seriously wounded during the shooting.


We took a walk around the area to see all the buildings. We were able to look into some windows, but no photos were permitted. Here are just a few of the buildings.

The Old Place
The 1823 Old Place is an example of early Texas frontier architecture. Not sure we would have survived in those days.

The Old Place

Pillot House
The 1868 Pillot House was continuously occupied by the Pillot family until they gifted the structure to The Heritage Society in 1965. This was Marsha's favorite. Notice that the house was not guarded by lions but by dogs.

Pillot House

guard dogs

St. John Church
The 1891 St. John Church was built by German farmers for their Evangelical Lutheran congregation. What a contrast to the city buildings.

St John's church

Staiti House
This house was built in 1905 for oil pioneer, Henry T. Staiti. The 17-room house included the latest features, electricity and had professional landscaping.

Staiti house

Staiti house

All of the buildings have been moved from their original spot. Marsha is looking forward to a tour the next time we are in Houston.

Marsha flies back to Ohio tomorrow. Carrie will fly in on the 18th and Paul the 19th. This is the first time Paul will be in Canton for Christmas since 2008. Marsha and the girls have some big plans for the next two weeks.

Thanks for stopping by. Hope to see y'all back real soon. Have a great day!