Saturday, October 1, 2011


Friday, September 30 – We drove into Knoxville this morning to visit the Sunsphere.




This unique Knoxville landmark was built for the 1982 World's Fair. During that time, it served as the symbol to the Fair. It was also home to a full service restaurant and a great 360-degree view of downtown Knoxville Observation Deck, which cost $2.00 for the elevator ride up for a visit (free today).


Looking waaaaaay down. These pictures would turn out a ton better is they would wash the windows!7-view-from-tower

This is the field that a ton of the 1982 activities took place upon.6-from-tower

Outdoor theatre

This isn't the first time we've visited the Sunsphere. Twenty-nine years ago, we were here visiting that 1982 World's Fair on our HONEYMOON! At the time, we weren't overly impressed with the city of Knoxville and were a little disappointed with the World's Fair. And to make matters even less enjoyable, Knoxville was a DRY community back then. We thought we outsmarted them and packed a handle of Black Velvet. WELLLLLLLL, when we went to get the bottle out of the truck, it was broken and all our valuable beverage was gone! So we only spent two days here before changing plans and heading to Myrtle Beach.

To add a little humor to that honeymoon in Myrtle Beach, upon arriving the only room available in the hotel was the honeymoon suite. How appropriate! The humorous event was it was equipped with a round bed....LOL. Fun…but not very comfortable. It was a thin foam pad on a plywood base. But we were young and adventurous and had a wonderful time. Myrtle Beach was a different city at that time too. We recall the city was not filled with nightlife as it is today. We remember saying they rolled the sidewalks up at sunset. Ahhhhh, how times have changed!

I wish we would have had the picture we took 29-years ago at the Sunsphere. It's back in Canton, OH stored at Marsha's dad's house. We could of compared the two and you would have been able to see that we haven't changed a lick!


Thanks for stopping by. Hope to see ya'll back real soon. Have a great day!