Tuesday, April 10, 2018


Saturday, April 8 – With good intentions, we headed down to the beach just a few steps from John's house on Amelia Island, Florida. The weather report was not good, but we had high hopes any rain would hold off until later in the day. Of course, the boys have a great time even if the adults would never dream of going in that cold water. They wanted to remind us how wonderful it is to be young. They skim boarded, boogie boarded, dug in the sand, tossed the football, and of course did a little swimming.

Paul testing the waters.
Amelia Island

Paul saying NO WAY!
Amelia Island

These boys just crack us up! L-R: Graham, Hudson, Noah. Graham and Hudson are twins.
Amelia Island


Amelia Island

These guys kept us entertained while we waited for the sun to shine.
Ameilia Island

Amelia Island

The sky was getting a little dark and the air was cooling down, so we decided to retreat back to the pool area. The water was warmer, but the adults remained as spectators while the boys challenged each other to swimming contests. After a short stay at the pool, we gave up on any hopes of enjoying a sunny Florida day at the beach and headed back to the house.

Amelia Island

After a quick snack for lunch, the Mexican Train game was dug out. We enjoyed several hours of fun. Marsha was the winner, and of course, she didn't want to mention it in the blog! Her name and date are also placed permanently on the lid of the box as a historical documentation of the win. That's a neat tradition!

Mexican Train

What would a family get together be without food? Soon it was time for dinner. Karen had prepared BBQ, corn on the cob, French fries, and baked beans. Yummy!

After visiting for a while longer it was time to bid our farewell for the day and head back to the RV for the night. Unfortunately, the weather isn't looking good for any more beach time, so we'll have to find other ways to enjoy some family time together for the next couple of days.

Marsha and Paul

Thanks for stopping by. Hope to see y’all back real soon. Have a great day!