Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Saturday, January 8 – Finished the face frames today. Lookin' pretty good, if I say so myself. I even put on a temporary counter top so Bella could check it out.


As you can see....she loves sitting and looking out the window!


Now to build the drawers and put in a shelf for the computer printer. That means more material to buy.....off to Home Depot.

Monday, January 10 – Paul is always amazed at what a small world it is.  Today in Home Depot I stopped a fellow with a Mt. Union College t-shirt on.....that's where I went to college in Alliance, Ohio.  Well, I  found out he bought the shirt at a local flea market.  Now why would a flea market in South Texas be selling Mt. Union  t-shirts....made in Mexico I bet.

To make that first encounter even stranger......a young girl saw my Cleveland Indians T-shirt that I was wearing and asked me if I like the Indians.  I replied,”Yes,and I was from Ohio”....”so am I” she responded.  Here, she's from Alliance, Ohio....the same city where Mt. Union College is located....UNBELIEVABLE encounters within an hour of each other.

Back in Canton, Ohio – Marsha has had a terrible headache and swelling in he eyelids and face since she arrived here. She asked two different Pharmacist what she might take to get rid of this pressure. She took both suggestions and NO relief. Sunday Marsha was so sick, so Monday morning she called the doctor and got in at 3. She have a bacterial sinus infection. Never had a sinus infection in my entire life. She is on some new antibiotic for ten days. Marsha has only taken two dosages so far and haven’t noticed any change yet, but it is too early. She guesses She needs to get back to Texas and the warm dry air!

While Paul is creating some beautiful cabinets in Mission, Marsha has been doing some more of my own creating. Each year I make an arrangement for my dad to put on my mom’s headstone. I have always wanted to learn to arrange flowers…maybe one day I will get the opportunity to take a class. In the meantime, I try my best to make something my dad is proud of. Here is my latest creation. Dad really likes it…YEA!

Thanks for stopping by. Hope to see you again real soon. Have a great day!