Friday, June 11, 2010


Sunday, June 6 – We attended the 2nd Baptist Church of Houston, North Campus, this morning. A Mega-Church, the campus we attended in Kingwood is one of five Campus Churches. Very nice but too big for us. The five campuses have over 18,000 worshipers every Sunday.

We take Bella for a walk a few times a day. Today, she decided to be the hunter cat. Look at her catch.


She was soooo proud of her catch….some type of green leaf hopper.

Monday, June 7- The hot weather continues in the Houston area. It's been over 100 degrees the last several days with very high humidity. It's very difficult for the MH's air conditioners to keep things cool. It's even too hot to be at the pool in the afternoon. We usually go to the pool for several hours in the morning and then find something to do in the comfort of AC for the afternoon. The campground we are in meters your electric use. Since we signed up for the monthly discount on the site, Paul's been keeping an eye on our electric charges each day ($.10/KWH). We've been averaging about $3/day. I'd say it's time to follow the other retired Texans to the mountains!

We went to Katy, TX today to see where Kelly, our oldest daughter, will be teaching next school year. She will be at Mayde Creek High School teaching Geometry.



That school is huge. The Katy district is humongous. We also drove over to her new apartment. She'll move in July 17. Very nice! She should be very happy with her new job and new apartment.

These are pictures of the model, but this is the layout of her apartment.



The workout room is awesome. Great equipment and plenty of it. It overlooks the pool.


The pool has a fountain, hot tub and a lap lane. It was pouring when we were there, so we couldn’t get a real good picture.


Then of course, since there is an outlet mall in Katy, we went shopping. Paul stopped at the Camping World first for a sewer hose extension (that was the end of my shopping) and then followed the girls through the mall. It was a fun day!

Thursday, June 10 – Paul went to the back surgeon today for his 3-month check-up. All is well, and he is progressing ahead of schedule. He will now begin some physical therapy and is encouraged to swim. The doctor told him to swim, non-stop, for thirty minutes.....yeah right! He's going to wait until we get to Ohio for the month of July to do his physical therapy. In the meantime, he'll stretch, walk, swim in the campground pool, and ride bike.

Kelly has her two kittens here while she spends sometime with us. This has been a serious adjustment for Bella, our cat. She's use to being the “Queen of the Roost” and doesn't enjoy being “annoyed” by two young, energetic kitties. She'll be happy when her “nieces” go home.....ha ha!

A little story behind this picture. Bella, the big one, was just lying there minding her own business, when along comes Cleo, the one under the chair. Cleo was doing everything possible to get Bella’s attention. She eventually reached out and touched the Big Bad Bella’s paw. Of course that through Bella into a hissing fit. “I’m not getting involved, Abby,” the one under the chair, just sat and watched the drama.


Still hotter than blazes outside. We really don't like sitting inside the MH all the time, but it is unbelievably HOT outside. We need to be in the mountains somewhere...not Houston, TX. By evening a cool breeze cooled things off so we took a walk around the RV park and decided to sit outside and play a game of Mexican Train. Kelly was a fun evening.

Thanks for stopping by. See y’all real soon.