Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Wednesday, July 27 – We finally left Red Bay behind and drove five hours to Cave City, KY. We are just staying the night at Singing Hills RV Park. We are in Site 42.



On both sides of us.


Beth, the hostess, is extremely nice and helpful. This isn't a fancy campground at all. We paid $16 using our Passport America card. Beth gave us a super detailed handout of  the closest laundry, shopping, churches, etc.

We weren't here for sightseeing but did take a short ride to Mammoth Cave, In order to even see the front of the cave, we had to take a tour. We passed.

It is off to Cincinnati, Ohio tomorrow. We will be in EST for the first time since last July.

YESTERDAY - To finish are repairs here at the Tiffin Motor Homes repair facility, they literally wrapped our MH in plastic wrap. All in preparation for painting the new roof rails that were installed yesterday.




We were sent to Red Bay Paint & Body, a local RV Paint Shop owned by a former Tiffin employee, to have the painting done. This is a common practice employed by Tiffin when they are very busy. Sure helps out the local businesses!

We were at Red Bay Paint & Body by 7 a.m. and were told to return after lunch to pick it up. This was one repair we weren't able to watch since most of the work took place in the paint booth.

After enjoying a leisurely breakfast at a local dinner (good way to kill some time when you find yourself homeless) we stopped at the Discount Wholesale Food Mart. This market specializes in “scratch & dent” food products. We were careful in what we purchased, isolating our purchases to canned goods that we could see were in good condition. We only picked up about a half dozen cans of chopped chicken white meat for making chicken salad, at half the normal price.

We then went over to the Tiffin Manufacturing facility to look at the 2012 Motor Homes fresh off the assembly line. They have many beautiful improved features, many of which we would love to have, but not on our budget....LOL

We then returned to the Tiffin Repair waiting room to enjoy the air conditioning while we waited for our painting to be finished. Shortly after noon, we returned to the painter, backed our MH out of the shop and settled into our campsite for the night.

New painted rails…no wrinkles, no cracks!


Paul went over to the business office to settle our bill. We were pleasantly surprised with the final figures. The majority of our repairs were covered by the Tiffin Extended Warranty. Our biggest expense was the upgrades we had performed out at Custom RV which consisted of the refrigerator inverter and new batteries.

So tomorrow morning we pull out of Red Bay, AL and head for family visits in Ohio. If all goes well, we plan on being there by this weekend. We're going to make the trip in three short driving days, stopping in Cave City, Kentucky – site of Mammoth Cave; Cincinnati, OH where we'll stay free in the Family Motor Coach Association (FMCA) campground; and then finally somewhere in Canton, OH. We figure on staying about a month in Canton, but aren't sure where. Funny that Canton is our former hometown, but we can't find a camp site.....JEESH! Very slim pickin's!!!

Thanks for stopping by. Hope to see ya'll back real soon. Have a great day!