Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Saturday, September 11 – We are headed to Carrie's house (youngest daughter) to watch some football. She travels in her job with Exxon but flies home most weekends. So for her, weekends are busy, busy, busy! She has to stuff most of her “friends time” into a very short weekend. Our other daughter, Kelly, will be there....after her volleyball tournament this morning.

After watching Ohio State beat Miami (We are former Ohioans.), we headed out to Best Buy to help Carrie but a new computer. She decided on an HP and now Marsha can get it all set-up and all her programs transferred before we leave the Houston area on the 20th.

We then headed to their “hang-out”.....Rebels. This was a fantastic TEXAN Honky Tonk! Man could these kids do the Texas Two Step. Paul really wants to learn this dance but these guys shamed him into getting off the dance floor. Guess we'll have to find an “old fogie” place to practice.

Kelly and Carrie


Kelly, Nick (one of Carrie’s room mates), Carrie


Kelly and Nick


Carrie and Nick


Paul and Carrie


Sunday, September, 12 - The girls came over to watch pro-football. Direct TV was having free NFL Channel for week #1 of the season. Probably the only Cleveland Browns game we'll get to see. By the looks of them, we won't be missing much.

Marsha worked some on Carrie's computer set-up, and then we decided to go out for dinner before the girls headed home.

Monday, September, 13 – Paul tore out the dead refrigerator this morning.



He got the maintenance man, Duane,  here in the park to help him pass it out the emergency window behind the driver's seat and into his pick-up truck. Duane is going to tear it apart for the recyclables. The tearing out went really well, and the idea to pass it out the emergency window made a difficult problem, of how to get it out, a very simple procedure.....worth remembering if you ever have to get a big object in or out of your MH. Paul got the idea off the Tiffin RV Network forum page. That's the way they remove things at the factory repair!

We spent the rest of the day investigating refrigerators. Using the cooler is getting old. We need to buy a big bag of ice each day just to keep a few things cold and have ice for drinks.

Tuesday, September 14 – Doctor day for Paul. Paul’s appointment was scheduled for 9:45…the optimum word his is scheduled. He finally got to see the doctor an hour later. He got an excellent report. Doctor Wimberly said his back is super and he can do whatever he wants to do. Paul was concerned that when we go to work at the Balloon Fiesta, he wouldn’t be allowed to take a balloon ride. The doctor said, “Go for it!” Great news.

While Paul was at the doctor, Marsha washed the clothes, scrubbed all the tile floor, attended an hour Bible study at the campground, and did her exercises.

We went to Kelly’s volleyball game. She really has a wonderful group of girls.


Can you tell how the game was going?


Well, you probably guess right…not so good. There is always next time.

One BIG difference we see here in Texas compared to Ohio is that they have cheerleaders at each varsity game. The mascot also shows up. Mayde Creek has a great looking mascot. We didn’t get a close up, but you can see from the picture below, it even has the feet of a ram…LOL


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