Friday, June 27, 2014


Friday, June 27, 2014 - The kitchen remodel project is complete! Since our last post, Paul installed new vinyl soffit, fascia, and siding. He then put the finishing touches on some outside electric. Marsha then planted some bushes and flowers to complete everything on the exterior.

Marsha gets the grunt work yet again!
cleaning siding

Paul installing siding

before porch

after porch

Fortunately, just as we completed the exterior work, the counter top people called to arrange installation of the counter. It sure turned out wonderful. We are delighted.

counter top installed

Paul spent a day struggling with the plumbing. Adjusting the old plumbing to fit the new sink and faucet, while fumbling under the kitchen cabinet is not a great way to spend a day. With some frustrating moments and some hard work, the plumbing was completed and we again had running water in the kitchen.

Paul and plumbing

The last job to tackle was installation of the tile backsplash and grout. 

back splash


We can FINALLY say the kitchen project is DONE!!!

kitchen before


kitchen complete 



Next…Kelly’s wedding shower on Sunday.

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Sunday, June 8, 2014


Sunday, June 8 - The kitchen remodel project is in its final stages. Completion is just around the corner or should that be “just around the counter?” The fellow was here to create a template for the “Corian” style counter top. It is a very interesting process. He used a computer and laser to draw an exact copy of the cabinet tops.

counter man

Every change in elevation or wall deviation was stored in his tablet.


Computer generator image of counter tops.counter image

From there it's back to the shop where the computer generated system makes the exact solid surface counter to fit this kitchen. In two weeks they'll be back to install the finished counter!

The old fashion way of measuring the counter tops.counter drawing

Paul, Dave, and Kelly worked over 14 hours to install the tile floor several Saturdays ago. It was VERY hard work but energy well spent.

Dave supervises while Paul makes the first cut.
tile cutting

Dave laying the first tile.
first tile 

dave tiling

Kelly wore many hats. She was responsible for making sure the floor tiles were level.Kelly level

Once Paul mixed the mud outside, she was responsible for being sure it remained well mixed.
mud mixer

Everyone concentrating on their job.
busy bees

You may ask…What the heck was Marsha doing all this time. Besides taking the photos, she was the “goofer.” She ran and got what ever someone needed, including running to Home Depot.

Since Paul laid the last tile in the bathroom, Marsha got the honors of laying the last one in the kitchen.
Marsha last tile

The finished floor looks awesome! Dave's aching back has returned to normal after several visits to the golf course to make-up for missed T-times....LOL.

After letting the tile set for several days, it was on to the grouting.


Finito…which means finished for you non-Italians.finished tile

Paul has re-installed the cabinets.


We only ordered two additional cabinets and removed one odd shaped cabinet from our original run of cabinets. They too look super and only wait for their “topping” to be finished. Marsha worked on replacing all the knobs on the cabinets.


After the counter tops are installed, Paul and Dave will do a little more tiling on the backsplash. The entire kitchen will be completed.

Next is to install the vinyl siding and soffit outside. It will be nice for Paul to get outside and enjoy some of the fabulous weather we've been having here in NE Ohio. So check back and get a view of the finished project.

Now to our terrific weather! Everything is lush green. The flowers and garden are doing awesome. You would never know this part of the country had such a cold, cold winter.


one little one


Thanks for stopping by. Hope to see y’all back real soon. Have a great day!