Sunday, November 7, 2010


Friday, November 5 – We headed to Austin, TX this morning. On the way are two outlet malls we stopped at to stroll among the stores. The people sure seemed to be out shopping, not sure if they're buying, but the parking lot was FULL. Marsha found a couple of bargains she couldn’t pass up.

In Austin, we headed to the University of Texas. We visited the stadium....Home of the Texas Longhorns....Hook 'em Horns! We could only get in the outer area of the stadium....shucks! They aren’t playing so hot this year and Saturday was no exception.




Then we tried to drive through campus but it is pretty well secured. Remnants of 911 or the shootings at various Universities I suspect. Without proper passes you can't really drive onto campus. There sure were a lot of kids heading to and from classes. University of Texas is one of the nation's largest college campuses with over 48,000 students.

We then headed to East 6th Street. On the National Register of Historic Places, Sixth Street is Austin's famous nightlife destinations with nearly 50 clubs and live music venues. Everything from jazz and reggae to country and rock. Of course it was in the middle of the afternoon, so things haven't started “swinging” yet. Unfortunately, we are a 45 minute drive away from home and don't want to risk partying the night away. I guess it will have to wait until our “next youth.”




Saturday, November 6 - We are meeting Jay & Betty Crane at the German Wurstfest Celebration today. The beautiful Comal River runs right through the park where the festival is held.



Since 1961, people have come to the Wurstfest (or Sausage Festival) to sample tasty sausage, pretzels, potato pancakes, and other German/Texas treats served up by fun-loving folks. Some come to polka and waltz to non-stop oompah music performed by more than forty entertainment groups.



Others come to visit with friendly Texans dressed in lederhosen and dirndls as a tribute to the rich German heritage of the community.




Marsha wanted to wear her outfit but was glad she didn’t. Her outfit looks exactly like this lady’s…LOL


Everyone comes to Wurstfest for and fellowship German style!

The Big Tent


Wurstfest always begins on the Friday before the first Monday in November, this year, that's October 29. The festivities continue through November 7.
Had a great time with Jay & Betty.

Jay and Betty

Really enjoyed the Polka music and the Country music. We had some German Beer and some sausage and some potato soup.....hmmmmm!
Where all the food is!


One of the big items was HATS! Crazy hats, German style hats, Sausage hats, beer hats, and a few cowboy hats.





To see more of these crazy hats, please click here.

They even sang beer songs about loving their hats....ha ha!


To see more pictures of the Wurstfest, please click here.

We'll be seeing Jay and Betty this winter in the Rio Grande Valley and maybe even next week in Rockport, TX.....that's our next destination.

Sunday, November 6 - HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD!!! Today is Marsha's dad's birthday. If you ever see or saw a picture on this blog, you would never be able to guess his age. Paul hopes he is in such good shape when he is Fred's age.

We went to church this morning and spent the rest of the day RESTING. We talked with Carrie and Kelly, both our doing super. Nice relaxing day. Marsha talked with her dad twice to see how his birthday day went. He said great.

Thanks for stopping by. Hope to see ya’ll again real soon. Have a great day!