Sunday, January 19, 2014


Friday, January 17, 2014 – One of the recurring issues with the Cameo 5th wheel is the tendency for the curbside-slide motor to loosen and not function properly. It never fails that when you want to “hit-the-road” early in the morning, the slide doesn't come in properly.

paul under 5er

There is a fix to this problem Paul found on the Cameo Forum. Use locktite on the motor mount bolts and install bearings on the motor shaft and gear shaft. That is the job Paul decided to tackle this morning.

There is an access panel to the motor via a zippered opening in the 5th wheel under covering. After opening the area, Paul was able to stick his head up in the motor area .


He removed the motor bolts, applied the locktite, then re-installed the bolts. This acts almost like glue to keep the bolts from vibrating loose over time. It's not permanent, the bolts can be removed if necessary.

The roller bearings were ordered over the internet (about $30 for both). Paul installed the bearings on the motor shaft and gear shaft. He then used washers to fill the gaps between the bearing bases for a snug fit. Not too tight. You don't want the motor to be under pressure when opening or closing the slide.


Marsha was inside to operate the slide for testing. All seemed to work smoothly. But there was another issue Paul was trying to find a solution to. There was something that has been tearing the under cover that seals the bottom of the slideout.

tear in slidout

Paul posted pictures along with questions concerning this problem on the Cameo forum. Fortunately, another Cameo owner experienced a similar problem and directed Paul to a solution. It seems a screw in the floor under the slide has a tendency to work loose and raise up. This then tears the under-covering as the slide moves in and out.

It’s difficult, but can you see the screw head protruding above the carpet in the above picture?  The problem is how to reach under the slide to tighten the screw. Impossible!


So Paul got out his trusty Moto-tool and ground the sucker off. That did it – no more tearing!

paul removing screw

Marsha has been watching the Egrets flying around the bayou behind our campsite. She patiently waited for one to land nearby so she could get a picture. One finally decided to fulfill her wish and posed on the fence behind our RV. Judy, Travels With Emma, would be proud of her :-)



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